Greyston and Tyson Foods

Greyston is different from Tyson Foods. While Greyston specializes in bakery, Tyson is one of the leading producers in meat and poultry products. Tyson’s diet is one of the meat processor and a  chicken producer. Greyston also promotes a thriving community through a process of open hiring. It aims to develop a community and boost the economy of the surrounding communities. It also has both for-profit and not-for-profit entities.

On the contrary, Tyson focuses on corporate suitability as part of its primary goals. It focuses on the growth of the company with the aim of achieving economic environmental and social sustainability. Most of its business is a for-profit entity that aims to develop and market its products.

The organizations should meet criteria for instrumental spirituality. Spirituality is attributed to the fact that people often believe in core values such as honesty and integrity. Delivering profits with positive spiritual beliefs provide an opportunity for attaining social sustainability. As a future manager, it is essential to emphasize spirituality to adopt an authentic spirituality. It is one of the methods that is used to make better decisions in solving problems and building authentic relationships between the employers and the employees

While religiosity increases understanding and positive outcomes at the workplace, it faces different challenges. It could contribute to discrimination among different religious groups. Besides, some employees may view it as an unfair way of influencing them toward a particular form of thinking. Also, the managers have challenged the practices required in leading authentic corporations. Therefore, leaders with scientific leadership theories tend to have a challenge in managing such organizations. As a result, performance management could be affected.

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