Haitian History Questions

Haitian History Questions

Question 1

The enlighten idea is the concept of equality of man which made Haitians demand for equal representation in the government as a way of ensuring insurrection. It is a concept which gave the slaves a deep understanding of their worth and the desire for equality in the government. It took place from 1789 to 1804.

Question 2

The inclusion and exclusion binary are brought out in the cases of both the UN declaration and Haitian Declaration. In this case, the inclusion binary, the declaration gave independence to Haiti as the first Latin American state to be independent, and it also became second America after the USA. This sent a sign to the rest of the Latin Americans to start fighting for their independence. The UN declaration, on the other hand, gave the indigenous people their rights, therefore, bringing a clear distinction between the two. In this case, the Haitian declaration gave rights to the slaves while UN dilatation gave rights o the indigenous Latin Americans, this, therefore, form the concept of inclusion and exclusion binary.

Question 3

Globalization was a concept that was aimed at reducing the cultural diversity among individuals to create harmonization. In this case, it will enable the globe to develop a common belief and values that create inclusion.

Question 4

Vietnamese Declaration and Haitian declaration both focused on the equality of man and the citizens having equal rights. It, therefore, advocate against manipulation by the colonial governments.

Question 5

The declaration of Haiti has led to the development of the equality concept in the modern world that protects the right of citizens in every country and promotes democracy around the globe.  Haiti slave revolution became the initiators of such a movement.

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