Hallucinations and the Brain

Hallucinations and the Brain

After watching the video, I now view hallucinations as a reality. I thought that hallucinations are just things that people make up in their mind. From what I understand, hallucinations are generated by the brain for a specific common thing. When the specific brain cell that represents a common thing like teeth in the temporal lobe is activated without the physical presence of the teeth, an individual hallucinates about teeth.

It is very intriguing to understand that what we as human see and hear is based on the brain interpretations. This is the basic concept around hallucinations. The brain interprets the presence of a face without the physical presence of a face and an individual sees a face.  The part of the brain that creates the experience of a face is activated in the blind.

This talk has taught me that the brain has specific cells that create experiences about different things. Virtually impaired people experience Charles Bonnett syndrome. This mainly because when one becomes virtually impaired, the visual cells become hypersensitive.  This activation of the cells causes hallucinations. Any kind of impairment can lead to a specific kind of hallucination. Hearing impairment leads to music hallucinations.

The brain is really a machine. It has different small parts joined together. The brain has cells that create experiences about everything.  The brain recreates everything we see, touch or hear. I had the feel8ing that the brain just understands what we see, hear or touch. I have now learnt that whet we perceive to see, hear or touch is just what our brain cells create. I would add that the brain is the fastest processor in the universe. It process experiences so fast to an extent that we never notice.

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