Response to Dolores Sheldon

Great view Dolores, our world is not as we thought. Everything is an interpretation of our brain.  I also wonder what the world’s really looks like. Is the world silent and calm? It is very intriguing how our brains can even make up visuals inform of hallucinations.  I have always thought that hallucinations are only caused by some kind of drugs. However, from the Ted talk, I learnt that impaired people could experience hallucinations. For example hearing impaired people experience music hallucinations.  The brain continues to interpret things even in their physical absence. The brain will process images and you will see them even though you are blind. It is interesting how one can describe what they saw even though they are blind. The brain works in ways we can describe fully. When the brain cells are activated, the brain can process things without physically seeing them.

Megan McEwen

Great analysis Megan, I also thought that hallucinations are caused by some kind of drugs. I thought hallucinations are like dreams of one’s fears and worries. The talk by Oliver Sacks was a good enlightenment on my part.  The brain is like a machine. It processes all things in very complex ways.  Hallucinations are real. They are a result of the brain processing things in the brain without the physical presence of that specific thing.  The visually impaired people for example suffer the Charles Bonnet syndrome. Though sometimes completely blind, one can see images. This is a result of the brain cells controlling images being activated in the absence of the physical presence of the image. Even though one cannot see the images, the brain continues to process images.  Your hallucinations were shapeless shadows because that is how the brain interpreted them. The difference in what we see is caused by the difference in t[our brain interpretations.

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