Hawaii Hotel

Business Model

Market and Customer Segments

Most people choose Maui because they want to spend their holiday enjoying comfort, luxury, and unique butler services. Hawaii Resort has targeted people, families, couple, honeymooners that wish to relax as well as firms for team building.

The Value Proposition

A value proposition describes a set of products and services that create value for a specific customer segment. It is the key to building a successful business model and is at the heart of what a resort is all about. Hawaii Resort can meet people yearning for the sea, the beach, natural, relaxed life. It is a place where a person comes, and he or she does not want to leave, then you go, and you want to come back.


The hotel can use some channels for marketing its services, and one way is social media. Customers can book the room from the hotel's official website, know it from the hotel's Instagram account and the Instagram accounts of famous bloggers and influencers. Another way is the hotel cam target customers through word of mouth to enhance the psychological value of clients outside the promotion of other customers to buy the motivation.

Customer Relationships

Personal butler service, personalized customer experience, remember the customer's eating habits, and housing preferences. Unique luxury and comfortable housing experiences.

Key Resources

  • Unique geographical advantages and personal butler services.
  • A variety of recreational facilities.
  • A good relationship with airline companies and famous bloggers.
  • The variety of room types and Michelin restaurants.

Key Activities

  • Exquisite customer service.
  • Room sold.
  • Entertainment facilities.
  • Michelin restaurants.
  • Best breakfast buffet.

Key Partners

The development of the hotel industry is at the peak of the growth of the Internet. The "Internet" effect is obvious; an online booking platform is a crucial partner for Hawaii Resort. There are also airlines and Internet bloggers that work together to promote resort programs.

Cost Structure

  • Salaries of employees.
  • Activity promotion and marketing expenditure.
  • Hotel infrastructure costs and costs of entertainment facilities.
  • The cost of food materials in the restaurant.
  • Maintenance costs for all departments and guest rooms.

Revenue Streams and Pricing Model

The income source of Hawaii Resort is mainly room proceeds. However, the revenue of the hotel does not only come from room sale but also sales of peripheral products, such as restaurants, saunas, and other entertainment facilities.

Marketing Mix


Hawaii Resort is a comprehensive hotel that provides customers with the best private butler services and excellent entertainment facilities. The butlers will help the customers plan their events i

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