Hawaii Hotel

Business Model

Market and Customer Segments

Most people choose Maui because they want to spend their holiday in comfort, luxury, and unique butler service. Hawaii Resort has targeted leisure people, families, couple, honeymooners and team building.

The Value Proposition

A value proposition describes a set of products and services that create value for a specific customer segment. This is the key to building a successful business model and is at the heart of what a resort is all about. Hawaii Resort can meet people yearning for the sea, the beach, natural, relaxed life. This is a place where you come, and you don’t want to leave, and then you leave, and you want to come back.


One way is social media. Customers can book the room from the hotel’s official website, know us from the hotel’s Instagram account and the Instagram account of famous bloggers and influencers. Another way is the hotel target customers word of mouth, to enhance the psychological value of customers outside the promotion of other customers to buy the motivation.

Customer Relationships

Personal butler service, personalized customer experience, remember the customer’s eating habits and housing preferences. Unique luxury and comfortable housing experience.

Key Resources

  • Unique geographical advantages and personal butler service.
  • A variety of recreational facilities.
  • A good relationship with airlines company and famous bloggers.
  • The variety of room types and Michelin restaurants.

Key Activities

  • Exquisite customer service.
  • Room sold.
  • Entertainment facilities.
  • Michelin restaurants.
  • Best breakfast buffet.

Key Partners

The development of the hotel industry is at the peak of the development of the Internet, the “Internet” effect is obvious, an online booking platform is a crucial partner of Hawaii Resort. There are also airlines and Internet bloggers who work together to promote resort programs.

Cost Structure

  • Salaries of employees.
  • Activity promotion and marketing expenditure.
  • Hotel infrastructure costs and entertainment facilities costs.
  • The cost of food material in the restaurant.
  • Maintenance costs for all departments and guest rooms.

Revenue Streams and Pricing Model

The income source of Hawaii Resort is mainly room income. However, the revenue of the hotel does not only on room sales, but also on the sales of peripheral products, such as restaurants, saunas, and other entertainment facilities.

Marketing Mix


Hawaii Resort is a comprehensive hotel that provides customers with the best private butler services and the best entertainment facilities. The butlers will help the customers plan their events in and out of the hotel, organize tours within the hotel, plan and deliver their meals, and help the visitors clear from the premises on the checking out date. There are also Michelin restaurants and buffets that will give the clients gourmet meals. The broad menu varieties will have popular Hawaiian, Asian, European, and even African cuisines. The entertainment facilities include the movie theatre, where guests can watch 3-dimensional movies; Music and dance bar, where guests will be entertained with live performances of famous artists; Kiddies World, fitted with trampolines, carousels, trains, and the Green Lady’s Village, in which children will help the green lady find her missing child. There is also the Teen’s World, equipped with videogames, lounges, computers, and fast internet, for teenagers to enjoy. There are also yoga sessions, which will be held on the beach to help people relax. There is also the Zen Spa and Fitness Center where clients will enjoy being pampered using the finest products specially prepared by the Hotel’s therapists using natural raw materials. There is a daily Polynesian dance night where the Polynesian dancers will entertain visitors. Other activities include boat riding, surfing, panel-boarding. The hotel has products that make the client’s stay fun and memorable.


Hawaii Resort located on Maui. Overlooking the beautiful Wailea Beach. This is an excellent location for an ocean view. The Kahului International Airport is 28 km away. The hotel is less than 3 km from The Shops at Wailea upscale shopping and dining venues. The resort is a 40 km from Haleakala national park and three-minute drive from the Wailea golf club, the hotel also offers free shuttle service for the customers to there.


Hawaii resort is a luxury, rest, comfort, and private butler service-based resorts. The target populations are leisure people, families, couple honeymoon and team building. They are from the upper and upper-middle class section of society. For them, it is rare to have time to go on a holiday, they are willing to pay a higher price to enjoy the most luxurious environment and services, and our hotel is a good choice.


Hawaii Resort has specific promotional activities for various target groups. For honeymooners, as long as provide the wedding certificate when they book two or more nights with the room, they can get the romantic room arrangement and double SPA coupon free of charge. For families, booked for two nights or more with the room, they can get a free nutritious breakfast for children and free extra bed.

At the same time, Hawaii Resort cooperates with airlines, mileage exchange services, and in-flight magazines. Also, set up an Instagram account and invited some famous bloggers to participate in the activities of the hotel for online promotion.

Hawaii Resort will also incorporate digital marketing strategies to reach a wider market. One such strategy is local search marketing (Khorev, 2018). Local search marketing is fast gaining popularity and is set to grow in the coming years. Forthwith, through Google My Business, the hotel will have its listing immediately turn up when a person makes a local search based on the user’s keywords and even Google maps. Appearing first on the listing means that more people will view the hotel and want to learn more about it. Local search marketing is effective as, through it, Hawaii resort will first appear when people conduct the searches.

Hawaii resort will make extensive use of content marketing. Content marketing attracts a targeted audience (Khorev, 2018). Correspondingly, the information will be tailored to meet the needs of the upper and middle-upper classes. The message will entail luxury, comfort, and exotic hospitality. Native Hawaiians will be used in advertisements to give the resort location the indigenous and exotic feel that the target group is mainly interested in. Hawaii resort will also use influencers, especially local and foreign celebrities will market the resort. The influencers will focus on the unique features that the hotel has and advertise on various social media platforms. Content marketing is an effective strategy when used by influencers.

Hawaii Hotel will use social media marketing. On its Instagram and websites. The resort will also open a Facebook account to reach a wider audience. The sites will have attractive mages of the hotel. On the website, the clients can ask questions and receive immediate feedback through the live chat pop-up. Equally, influencers will use their social media platforms to advertise the hotel. There will be videos of the hotels, interviews with the staff, which will be posted on the hotels and influencers’ social media pages. Hawaii hotel will use its media pages and liaise with the influencers to post the same on their pages.

Marketing Plan

Unique Selling Point

The Hawaii Hotel’s unique selling point is its customized services. The clients can book a room of their choice. Additionally, they can choose how their room should be decorated in advance to make it more comfortable. The eating habits of clients will also be monitored. The findings will be stored in the system for future references when dealing with the same customer. There is also a butler, who customers can select when booking a room. The butler’s qualifications will be posted online so that customers know their expertise and character. The customers can be acquainted with the butler even before they arrive and establish a rapport. Upon arrival, the butler will meet them and entertain them until they depart.

Marketing Strategies

The firm will use multiple strategies in promoting its brand. The digital marketing strategies include local search marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. The hotel will accomplish these strategies on its digital platforms, and the use of influencers. The digital strategies will raise awareness and avail more clients.

Equally, there will be public relations (PR) activities. PR is important because it builds a firm’s reputation and popularity (O’Dell, 2017). Henceforth, the firm will create an annual surfing competition for teenagers called, Surfer Teen Fest, in which the winner and their family will have a free access to all the amenities offered by the hotel, complete with an overnight stay in the suite of their choice. The public will buy tickets, and all the proceeds will be donated to a marine animal shelter. The PR activities will not only benefit the teenagers but animals as well.

Pricing Strategies

Price skimming strategy is an effective strategy. The room prices will be high, given the services available. During the peak seasons like the festive periods, the price will remain high. However, there will be last-minute booking deals like a 5% discount on the room price for families with at least two children. Conversely, during the low season, the prices will reduce and offers, and price discounts for honeymooners will be available. Price skimming allows adjustment of prices according to seasons.

Premium pricing strategy will be used. The strategy gives a competitive advantage to a firm (“The Economic Times,” 2019). Hawaii Hotel will use the plan to attract visitors to its premises on the premise that the high price will result in high-quality services. Premium pricing is associated with high quality, which the hotel delivers.

Guest Segmentation

The Hotel will use psychographic segmentation. Psychographic segmentation divides the market based on their lifestyle, values, and personality (Bridge, 2019). The market comprises individuals who are looking for relaxation from their hectic lives and want to enjoy luxury and exclusivity while doing so. The upper and upper-middle class households yearn for the products the hotel offers. Psychographic segmentation aids in tailoring customer needs.

Competition analysis

Hawaii resort is not under threat from serious competition. The hotel is among the best in the Maui beach region. Regardless, there are other hotels like Four Seasons Resort, Royal Lahaina, and Wailea Beach Resort, which offer the same quality services as Hawaii Resort. With the company’s unique customized services and a butler, it has the edge over the competitors. Hawaii Hotel has benchmarked in premium hotels like The Four Season Resort regarding customer services and made improvements to its output and ultimately becoming a leader in hospitality. Hawaii Hotel competes favorably with its rivals.



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