Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

The Health Maintenance Organization offers health services for a monthly or yearly fee. It is a medical insurance scheme that allows people to get healthcare services from physicians that have been contracted by HMO. The arrangement is likely to work well in an urban setting where a majority of the residents are working class individuals. Therefore, they will be able to pay the fees required by the entity on a monthly or yearly basis. The situation is contrary in the rural setting where many people are employed (Born & Query, 2004). Therefore, they do not have a source of income that can enable them to pay these charges. As a result, the system might not work well under this type of environment.

Additionally, there are many health facilities in urban centers than in rural areas. Thus, a person will have a variety of hospitals where one can decide to go for treatment. Moreover, the literacy levels are high in the urban areas, and individuals might be willing to embrace the plan. This is different from the rural setting where people may not be aware of such a plan.

In my opinion, the HMO plan is the best because of its numerous benefits. First, it is affordable because individuals can pay lower premiums for their services. Thus, it makes the scheme to be more accessible even to the low-income earners in society. Additionally, the plan also enables the public to cost-share their contribution. As a result, individuals can access healthcare at a lower rate than other existing arrangements. There are also fewer network restrictions hence, enabling people to seek treatment outside their systems.This makes it more appealing to me than other plans.




Born, P., & Query, J. (2004). Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Performance and Consumer Complaints: An Empirical Study of Frustrating HMO Activities. Hospital Topics, 82(1), 2-9. doi: 10.3200/htps.82.1.2-9


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