Health Promotion

Getting Familiar with Logic Model Questions

  1. The first step when creating a logical model is to identify the problem that is being addressed by the stakeholders (Eldredge, 2016). When the stakeholders know the problem that they want to address they will concentrate on providing their best services to solve the challenge. The stakeholders know the problem they are discussing.
  2. Many children in South Bronx are believed to have obesity according to research, and the research attributes the obesity of children to lifestyle. Obesity in the south Bronx has been increasing over the years affecting many children. The chronic weight gain has impacted the lives of many children whose health are at risk of getting diseases related to obesity. Interventions are being made to help reduce the rate of obesity in children as a measure to help those affected.
  3. a) Time to be taken to complete the goal.
  4. b) Resources required to finance the program goal.
  5. c) Whether the goal is achievable and the skills needed to achieve the goal.
  6. Listing the available resources is essential when developing a logic model. Listing the resources enables one to plan the programs development and the resources one will need. Also one is able to know the resources that they don’t have so that they can be able to plan how to complete the tasks to completion until the completion of the works. Listing the resources is part of the planning; therefore, one is able to understand the challenges one is likely to face and fix them.
  7. a) Human resource including health experts
  8. b) Finances to promote the health promotion
  9. c) Medical technology to aid health experts
  10. d) Merchandise to do the promotions.
  11. e) Time to do the promotion
  12. f) Community partners to integrate the advertisement with the community.
  13. The various activities that take place in the implementation of projects such as health promotion include organizing the stakeholders involved (Eldredge, 2016). Also, the community is informed about the planned health promotion planned to take place. Other activities include mobilizing the resources that will be used in advertising.
  14. The awareness campaign needs to be done in colleges where the students learn in order to have more students who get to understand the dangers of binge drinking. Some students might not be knowing the, and therefore the program will make more people aware of the risks.
  15. The output will give the number of people who heard about health promotion. At the end of the program, the organizers should know the number of people who heard about the promotion. Organizers can be collecting data on the number of students who participated in the promotion.
  16. Some of the outputs include students promising to quit binge drinking following the awareness of the dangers associated with the drinking. The number of people drinking the beer should reduce after the promotion is done because they become aware of the risks associated with the drinking.






  1. A program outcome is the results that were achieved from any program.
  2. a) Participants’ needs
  3. b) Monitoring of the attendance
  4. c) Impact of the program
  5. List the question that one should ask for the following:
    1. Short-term outcome question: what motivate you into drinking alcohol?
    2. Intermediate outcome question: Would you consider to stop drinking after you know the dangers you expose yourself to while drinking?
    3. Long-term outcome: Did the students who promised to quit during the promotion keep the promise?



Eldredge, L. K. B., Markham, C. M., Ruiter, R. A., Kok, G., Fernandez, M. E., & Parcel, G. S. (2016). Planning health promotion programs: an intervention mapping approach. John Wiley & Sons.

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