Healthcare Analysis


Health care finance is a category in health services delivery which concerns with the procurement, business among other mathematical figures in the hospital setting. One of the recent articles on healthcare finance is that of Health “Care Finance: Basic Tools or Non-Financial Managers” by (Baker, Baker, & Dworkin, 2017). A second article is that of the Measuring of Municipal Fiscal Condition by (Gordon, & Center, 2018). Both the articles focus on how the hospital settings are set up in matters of monetary terms and how they are distributed amongst the facilities. One of the articles reviews the fiscal analysis statement which gives an analysis of Colorado municipality and has been developed from the data that is available on the Colorado website published by the local government audit division of audit state office. The other article looks at some of the ways the health care financial managers need to know about the financial management systems in the health care facilities.

Perception from the Articles

Different perceptions can be obtained from the two articles on matters health care finance. To begin with the article by Gordon, & Center, (2018), on the financial analysis statement of the Colorado municipality a clear picture of the finance distribution in the municipality is created. My perception towards this article is that Colorado was the best example to portray this is because six years ago, Colorado municipality experienced immersive financial difficulty. The county managed to find ways that it could solve the problem and it could not do it without external health. This is the reason why the municipality is a perfect site for the evaluation to determine the fiscal health after various interventions.  The other article by Baker, Baker, & Dworkin, (2017) is also an article that advice financial managers in the health care systems on the various technologies at their disposal. This article has a lot to offer to base on the rate at which technology has taken over the various industries where the health care industry is not an exception.

Own Point of View

According to Gordon, & Center, (2018), the author’s point of view is to expose some of the ways that can be considered in the solving of financial challenges in the health care setting. Colorado municipality was the best county to address this considering that they had a financial backlash but managed to maneuver through and overcame the challenges. I do feel that the article is very informative and can be a reference to other counties or states that may be facing a financial challenge on matters health. According to Baker, Baker, & Dworkin, (2017), the author’s point of view is the overview of the digital era in the health care facilities where the financial management systems have been incorporated to the setting to help make easy on how to manage funds. I do feel the article is informative too and there is a need for financial managers to be taught on the different systems available and how to use them in the health care facilities.

Objective and factual or subjective and lacking facts

Both articles according to personal analysis are objective, factual and on point. To begin with the article on how Colorado municipality was able to overturn its health care financial challenges that it faced becoming one of the best-managed counties on matters health. The author lays out the facts piece by piece in an objective manner. It works as a guidance and reference that can be used by other healthcare institutions that might be facing financial challenges. The other article is also factual since it describes the health care financial management systems and how they work to deliver their destined purpose in the hospitals. It is also objective and on the point where it offers some directives to the health care finance managers on the importance of using the systems in their management of funds. Here the objective is to teach them some of the facts that they need to understand the system and how to articulate them.

Issue Analysis

Both articles talk about the different topics that are found in health care finance dockets and provide some issues about them. According to the article by Gordon, & Center, (2018), the author can lay out some of the issues that the Colorado municipality health department faced and the different ways it used to overcome them. The issues included what the cause of the financial challenges, some of the proposed solutions that were brought forward, how the municipal was able to overcome the challenges and the sustainable system that they put in place to avoid such occurrences in the future was. On the other article by Baker, Baker, & Dworkin, (2017), some of the issues that it addressed included things health care managers need to know about healthcare finance management systems, assets, liabilities and net worth of the health care systems and the tools needed to analyze and understand the financial operations in the healthcare facilities. Lastly, the article talks about how financial results are measured and reported using different health care management systems.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The two articles can touch on the distinct topics on healthcare finance and can point out in more profound terms on them. One of the articles talks about some of the challenges that the finance department in the hospitals faces and how to overcome them. This article points out all this concerning the Colorado municipality which had a similar situation. It would be a formidable recommendation or any other state to refer to this article in case they face this challenge. The other article talks about the technology that is found in the management of finance in the health care systems. Health care managers should refer to this article in case they have a problem with the management of funds using the new technologies. This is because it breaks down the critical aspects of the financial management of funds in the healthcare setting at large.


A lot of learnings and experiences can be gotten after the evaluation of the two articles on health care finance. On a personal basis, I got to learn from both the articles and this will be of help to my future career in the health department. One of the learnings that I got to learn is that there are times when a facility can be faced with financial challenges. This is a normal thing, and according to the article, the important thing is how to handle them. This was well explained by the article using the Colorado municipality incident where they were able to overcome it through a strategic plan. The second article also taught me the different aspects of technology that are involved in the management of funds in a healthcare facility. I also got to learn that as a manager integrating financial management with the use of technology is likely to bring success (Baker, Baker, & Dworkin, 2017). In my professional career, I would apply every bit provided by the articles because most of the health care facilities come to a downfall because of poor management of finance. With the articles, different means to avoid this is provided in a comprehensive manner and with the use of real-life examples. However, there is one way that I would handle the use of technology in the management of finances differently. This would be by incorporating a daily review of the funds that the facility gets to make sure that the instances of mismanagement of funds are minimized.




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