Healthcare costs Response

I agree that futile care has contributed to the rising cost of healthcare. There is always an ethical dilemma on when to withdraw treatment when deemed medically futile especially when the family members disagree with the decisions of the service providers. This has increased the number of people in the ICU receiving care that will not cure nor prolong their life expectancy. The rise of private insurance payments is what has greatly contributed to this issue. People have the view that insurance covers ought to cover for all medical procedures if when such medical procedures are deemed futile (Paris & Hawkins, 2015). The fact that such money is not coming from the pocket of family members, any decision to withdraw treatment is not taken lightly.

On the other hand, doctors are not trained on the idea of controlling costs when it comes to futile care. There is much wasteful spending in healthcare directed by physicians with unnecessary tests. Doctors are trained to protect life and not to worry about the costs of doing it.  Thus, a physician cannot justify the withdrawer of care in futile cases based on costs when there is an insurance cover for such costs. As a nurse leader, communication is a good way of facilitating change in unnecessary spending. Effective communication between medical practitioners can decrease unnecessary testing. On the other hand, you can also as a leader organizes for training on cost consciousness. Health practitioners should be aware that even in healthcare, resources are limited, and this can also encourage an end to the unnecessary testing. Again, observing procedures as set by the hospital can also help control the unnecessary costs and reduce the cost of healthcare.


Paris, J. J., & Hawkins, A. (2015). Futility is a failed concept in medical decision making: Its use should be abandoned. The American Journal of Bioethics, 15(7), 50-52. doi:10.1080/15265161.2015.1039735

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