Healthcare Systems


Healthcare systems not only in the US but the world at large are striving to improve healthcare efficiency on Evidence-Based Medicine as well as Evidence-Based Healthcare. With the introduction of technology, healthcare continues to share the strain of development with the need for standards to be developed in a way that they are coupled up with globalization and liberalization.

Q1. Top five importance of health standards in the US healthcare system

Influences performance and quality of life

Quality management is a primary concern in healthcare delivery in the US. In other words,  healthcare systems in the US are in a state of evolution, a fact implying that the increase in costs coupled with the rise in healthcare delivery practices impacts on the strategies that better standardizes the healthcare delivery. A healthcare organization in the US has its quality system consisting of management philosophy, corporate strategies as well as visions which purpose to satisfy the requirements of every patient. In this case, to excel at satisfying patient needs, healthcare organizations have to embrace the health standards more, as a result, improve the systems to serve customers.

Healthcare standards mean doing the right things

Healthcare standards have made the healthcare system in the US to invoke the need for monitoring and regulating activities, hence creating quality services. The ultimate delivery of healthcare has been raised to a higher level in the US given the standards that govern healthcare providers.

Determining the type of care to be offered

The healthcare standards have positively impacted on the US healthcare systems in a way that it is easy to recognize the gaps in their systems and decide on what can be done to improve the patient’s health at the given time. The changes in the world of technology imply the need for healthcare systems to be enhanced to fit these changes. Therefore, through the standards, patients can receive care regardless of their conditions.

Assessing and improving the quality of their health services

Standards aid the healthcare systems to come up with best care practices such as infection prevention and control as well as medication management. Historically, what has been driving the US health care systems changes is the need for providing quality.

Patient-focused interventions

Healthcare standards guide regulatory involvement of these interventions. In other words, no matter how good healthcare is, the healthcare systems have to raise it to a higher level. This, in other words, can be better explained through continuous improvement to achieve quality. The healthcare systems through the standards will lead to the development of innovative approaches that will improve the delivering of health services.

Q.2 The most vital standard

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Continuous quality improvement was a standard essential in the organization. The vitality of this standard comes in where all levels of the healthcare organization inclusive of departmental lines work together to produce good healthcare services for patients. To be effective as demanded by this standard, staff or service providers have to be willing and have good faith in doing what is expected of them when it comes to caring for patients. In the organization, to achieve quality through this standard entailed the use of quality circles, quality improvement forums and quality councils to facilitate coordination for improvement efforts within all the sections. In other words, quality patient care desires quality commitment where nurses are empowered to improve the process of healthcare services as stipulated in this Standard.

Q3. A standard that needs improvement

Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM is an integral part of healthcare organizations’ competitiveness. In other words, healthcaresystems in a competitive market have to differentiate themselves from other competitors the quality of their services. This standard places a heavy burden on improvement in patient satisfaction index which combines value analysis as well as conformance to rules. Despite this, the benefits of this standard entail advocating for quality measures in healthcare security, safety and attitude of nursing. With all these demands it is hard for total quality to be achieved in the healthcare systems given the changes in medical services. It is true that quality can be achieved in caring for patients, but total quality can be hard to achieve. This is due to the increased cost of healthcare services where patients cannot afford to pay and as a result, receive total care. In this case, the standard can be improved if it will include total quality management through fare charges. By so doing, it will imply that the standard fits all the patient and class of patients.


Standards are statements that expect quality in service delivery is not only healthcare but other sectors as well. They communicate expectations to the service providers to ensure they use all possible means to achieve the desired results. The US, healthcare system is governed with the standards that advocate for quality services through performance.

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