Hertz Corporation

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Hertz Corporation is a car rental company in America with its headquarters located in Estero, Florida, and has a formidable global presence. It is regarded as the largest company in this industry based on the sales volume. The company was founded in 1918 by Jacobs Walter. Hertz’s objective is being the leader when it comes to equipment solutions and mobility all over the world. The company aims at achieving this objective by ensuring it offers its customers high-quality services and lowest costs possible. Creation of value for shareholders is also among the mechanisms being used by the organization in pursuit of its objective. Hertz is driven by the values of respect and responsibility, excellence and execution, innovation and integrity and diversity and discipline.

John P. Tague could be regarded as the primary leader of the organization. He was named the CEO of the organization in November 2014. Before his appointment as the CEO, Tague had acquired massive experience while undertaking different roles in various companies. This is an aspect that makes many employees and other executives to respect him. This is based on how people react or respond upon the mention of his name. It is easy to envisage the level of respect that they bear.

The CEO has three common leadership practices that are quite observable by anyone working within the organization. They include:

Delegation of Duties

The company is divided into various departments that are responsible for the execution of varying duties. The CEO ensures that these departments operate autonomously without external interference. The reason behind this practice is to ensure that there is the empowerment of the individuals working in the organization. When teams have the freedom of executing tasks in their desired manner,  the probability of personal growth increases significantly. This results in the acquisition of significant skills that would enable the organization to move forward (Kouzes & Posner, 2016). The employees have an increased sense of job satisfaction and motivation. This was among the practices that were quite vivid when the CEO took charge back in November 2014. It was believed that the reason behind this practice was to ensure that even the junior employees felt as being important members of the organization. This would have helped in the reduction of their turn-over.

Modeling the Way

The CEO is always keen on clarifying his values. It is easy for anyone to observe that he is quite principled. He has a way of doing things that he expects the people below him would emulate. In short, he is the type of person that tends to lead by example.  If he wants the employees to treat the customers well, he believes that they should be treated well too. The aspect cultivates a desire in them to extend the good things happening in their lives towards the customers. Since commencing his term at Hertz, the CEO has time and again developed standards of excellence with the expectation that employees would follow the lead. He has a great understanding that change has the prospect of overwhelming employees at any level of the organization.  The attribute has resulted in the adoption of interim goals in order to help the people to actualize small wins as they work towards attaining larger objectives. There are directions for people to follow when things do not seem clear, and this creates an opportunity for victory.

Inspiring a Shared Vision

Hertz’s CEO also has the tendency of inspiring shared visions. This is something that he initiated when he first came to the organization. All along, he has been creating images of what he expects the organization to become during his tenure. He has developed a way of making other employees view the organization from a similar perspective. The art of persuasion has been helpful in ensuring the others sail in similar dreams. Based on the way that the CEO carries his visions, it is evident that he has the belief in making a difference within the organization. There is the desire of making things better compared to how they are at present, and come up with a working formula that had not been instituted before. One fascinating feature with regards to this leadership practice is that the CEO knows it is difficult to command commitment, but it is quite easy to inspire it.

The leadership being experienced in Hertz at present has influenced the organizational culture in various ways. Among the cultures that have gained prominence is that of collaboration. There is improved collaboration for teams involved with the different departments in the organization. This can be observed based on how people execute their duties at the present. Collaboration prospects have been boosted by the aspect of enhancing delegation. When a junior employee is tasked with an activity, they ensure that they have involved their colleagues in the execution so as to ensure that they do the right thing. It is the desire of every employee

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