Highlight two issues that could be argued to be having negative effects on the modern democracies

Highlight two issues that could be argued to be having negative effects on the modern democracies

Modern democracy can be defined as a rule by the people where the citizens make rules to govern a nation through the government, either directly or by use of elected representatives.  A modern democracy entails four essential factors; First, a political system for selecting or replacing political leaders using a free and fair election. Secondly, the citizens of a country are significantly involved in the civil and political activities of the state. Thirdly, all the citizens' human rights are fully protected, and lastly, the law is applied uniformly to all the citizens regardless of their political affirmation, race, financial status or any other aspect. Markedly, any country which cannot use absolute supremacy of the law and democracy always ends up failing in most aspects. When compared to other forms of governance like communism and fascism, democracy is the most outstanding form of government in the world. When well analyzed in both practical and theory, modern democracy ensures the protection of individual freedoms and rights provides fairness and safety of a country and moreover, contributes to the economic stability and growth of a nation. Therefore, the issues that harm modern democracy are of high risk to the development of a society.

For instance, an unwritten constitution system can have negative impacts to a modern democracy. All states have constitutions, whether written or unwritten. The laws help in specifying the nature of a nation's undertakings, the roles, responsibilities and magnitude or limit of power of the state officials. Moreover, a constitution elaborates the correlation between the citizens and a state. For a written law, the rules are correctly outlined, and there are judicial proceedings that determine whether the regulations are being appropriately undertaken or not. Markedly, there is deftness and clarity unlike in the unwritten constitution where the rules are regulated by traditions or customs and the law which supplements and aids in the regulation of the customs in instances when the evolution of today's society create the need.

Markedly, the unwritten constitution is the main outfall to any government because it is subject to the vulnerability of changing interpretation

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