Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The historical lenses that could be applied in my topic include political, social and economic lenses. From a political perspective, many leaders in Japan were aggressive and made the state strong during the war. They organized troops to fight in the war and provided them with enough supports that made them fight with a lot of strength. Economically, the survivors of the atomic bomb were few; hence they were not able to offer enough labor in the industries. As a result, there was a massive loss of revenue as many industries were also destroyed with the atomic bomb. Socially, the atomic bomb left survivors homeless as many homes were damaged. Many families could not be able to hold after the occurrence hence leading to separation of families thus increases in the number of street children.

The introduction entirely explained how the radiation affected the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, this could have changed if it is viewed from a political perspective. The leaders were so supportive during the war and were able to sponsor the troops to fight. When the atomic bomb was dropped, they had to surrender and look for peaceful ways on how to solve their differences. In this regard, the survivors were forced to look for peaceful conflict resolution as opposed to their style of war.

History is sometimes told with a lot of biases especially in a situation the teller wants to make it appealing to the listeners. When an event had happened in the past, the teller might not know exactly what happened. They will depend on the recorded event which could not have depicted the exact account of what happened. In this way, any slight change or error made while telling the story makes it an entirely different thing from what happened.

History leads to rational thinking and argument. As a result, it helps us to have a deeper understanding of the contemporary issues that happen in the world. Most of the happening in the world can be explained from a historical lens which the knowledge of history provides. One of the contemporary issues is the manufacturing of nuclear weapons by different states. This makes other countries to fear hence they can also venture into making weapons in preparation for any war that might arise. Secondly, there is looming economic war among states which can also lead to physical war as it affects the economy of the states.

History always repeats itself as many of the occurrences that we see today had happened in the past. For instance, the economic depression that occurred in Germany during the First World War repeated itself in the Second World War. The economic losses that led to the loss of much revenue affected Germany in both the wars, and it changed German’s financial status.

Since history repeats itself, it affects everything that we do daily. In this regard, it gives us a deeper understanding of events as we can rationally explain them. Through history, we can be able to record and store information about the occurrence today that can be used in the future for reference. History is significant in our lives, and it helps us a lot to know the history of the state and why things happen the way they do.

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