HLT 305 Week 2 Discussion Questions

HLT 305 Week 2 Discussion Questions

Week 2 – DQ 1

Medical errors play a big role in health care. Understanding a health care professional’s role in the communication of medical errors is critical to an organization. After reading Chapter 8 in your textbook, explain in detail your role in reporting a medical error. What aspects do you need to consider? Who/what/where/when and how is this error reported?

Week 2 – DQ 2

What are the differences between negligence and liability? How do these terms apply specifically to medical practice?

Week 2 – DQ 3

Professional ethical standards focus on confidentiality, negligence, malpractice, and the protection of human rights. Discuss why each of these are critical focal areas in today’s health care system.

Week 2 – DQ 4

Given the changing health care system, what is a current hot topic in the health care profession that would challenge your standards of practice? How would you overcome that challenge?