HLT 306V Week 4 Quiz

  1. What is the healthcare professional legally responsible to do in patient education?
  2. What percentage of patients has been found to be noncompliant with health recommendations?
  3. What are the goals of patient education?
  4. What is the healthcare professional’s role in teaching the patient at different life stages?
  5. Which of the following is an example of patient compliance?
  6. Which of the following would be considered life-stages?
  7. Why was there more concern with preventative health care starting in the fifties?
  8. Which of the following has been found to be one of the most important factors in patient compliance?
  9. Which of the following is one form of nonverbal behavior?
  10. Why is the need for patient education expanding?
  11. Which of the following are the three categories of learning?
  12. Examples of patient noncompliance include:
  13. What is acculturation?
  14. What is multicultural patient education?
  15. Which of the following are considered relationship skills?