Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Profiling a country is essential forunderstanding its social, economic and political set up to understand the market appropriately for thedevelopment of a business strategy. Therefore, the profile of UnitedStates of America isthe description of its demographical and economic elements in terms of cultural dimensions so that wise decisions regarding marketing strategies can be made by product managers for the new product to belaunched in the United States of America. Hofstede model illustrates the dimensions of culture and how each dimension affects the employee traits in the workplace.

The Hofstede workplace cultural dimensions entail the beliefs and perspectives under which an organization becomes distinct from other firms in the same line or different products. Hofstede came up with the model to illustrate how the culture of the workplace will affect business activities in the country.

Power distance index. This refers to the level of inequality experiencedbetween people with power and the powerless. The United States of America has a lowerpower distance index whereby the power in organizations is shared reasonably; thus civilians do not allow power to be divided unequally. The resultant of the United States of America being a low power distance index is flatter organizations and equality and fairness between the employees and supervisors(Khlif, 2016). Therefore, decision-making procedures will be made quickly since the hierarchal distribution of power is equal.

Individualism versus collectivism. This dimension involves the level of bonding inthe country. The United States has a great individualism versus collectivism score. Therefore, it is crucialfor the marketing advertisements to focus on individualism where customers understand products and people feel attached to products that are advertised. The United States of Americaconcentrates on privacy and high value targeting people’s time and their freedom. Individualism in the United States of America depicts the fact that employees work independently with their fellow workers. It is crucial for the product manager to consider the individualism aspect of the organizational culture in the United States of America.

Masculinity vs. Feminity

Employee behavior in masculinity vs. feminity culture practice is critical towards the culture setting of the organization. Most organizations in the United States of Americahave male workers occupying the large pa of the employment sector than female counterparts. This results in male employees being aggressive than females in the organization whereby females are never assigned duties that require a lot of forts in the United States of America.

Uncertainty avoidance. This dimension entails the societal approach to the uncertainty of the culture. In the United States of America, the uncertaintyavoidance score is low hence most Americans have a fair level of accepting to upcoming methodologies, innovations, and inventions around the food industry, business transactions, and technological advancement. Americans usually are willing to take new ideas. Americans are also not afraid of the enacted rules by the state to regulate business activities(Kim, 2017).

Long term orientation in the United States of America. This cultural dimension illustrates how society relates its past events to the present and future expectations in business transactions. The United States of America is a normative society with a score of 25%. This is because Americans tend to review any information they acquire to validate them before incorporation into the business transactions. The United States of America measures the outcomes of its business trends on a short-term basis with the essence of motivating individuals in the workplace to work hard for better results in the workplace environment.  The United States of America being a country with a low long term orientation score, the employees in the state focus on their profit margins and aim at the betterment of opportunities hence the employees work for a short period before moving out to a new place for better opportunities.

Indulgence in the United States of America. This dimension entails how individuals regulate their needs and feelings by their upbringing. The United States has an indulgent score of 68% alongside the normality outcomes which is defined by the contradictive traits. Indulgence in the United States of America is predominantly based on the country’sefforts to fight drug abuse as addiction to drugs by the youths is one of the most prevalent issues in the country. Being a country with a high indulgence value score of 68%, it encourages the expression of people’s thoughts and trends such as the moderation of traits and social values



The Hofstede’sdimensions of organizational culture are essential to profile a country according to its traits and approach towards business sustainability. The United States is an individualism country; product production and marketing shouldfocus on individualism and masculinity approach to the new products(Yacout&Hefny, 2015). The product managers has to identify the indulgence score of the United States and its long term orientation so that he can determine the best way to launch the product in the market of the United States of America. The equal distribution ofpower in organizations and scores on avoiding uncertainties are also key cultural dimensions to consider in the country before the launch of the product in the market.



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