Homework: Tufekci

Tufekci’s Main Argument

Tufekci’s main argument is that despite online activism being easy to grow it only lasts for a short period. She proves the point through comparing modern movements such as Ukraine, Hong Kong, and Gezi to the 1960s civil rights movement where it uncovers an amazing organizing benefit protest just the way it occurred before the rising of social media campaigns and protests (TEdGlobal, 2014). On her talk, Tufekci is more focused on the issue that online demonstrations are easy to mobilize but hard to achieve successful outcomes. For instance, a network of tweets can lead to global awareness campaign as well as a Facebook page becoming a massive mobilization hub. However, according to Tufekci, the achievements brought about by such protests are not proportional to the energy and size they aspire.

Intended Audience and the Purpose of Talk

The intended audience for Tufekci is social media users, especially the online campaigners and protesters. Since nowadays most people are involved in online protests where they use social media, Tufekci purpose is to let them know that their efforts are in vain because there are no better outcomes and it’s better to use the hard and slow w

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