Hormone Replacement Therapy

It is a medical technique that relieves menopause problems. It replaces the low-level hormones with estrogen and progesterone.
Menopause can have uncomfortable effects on a woman. It triggers her to seek therapy solution. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy:




  1. It helps In Treating Flushes.


A flush is a sudden rise of temperature in the body. It is a menopause effect that is uncomfortable for some women.
Hormone replacement therapy gives a permanent solution to flushes. It replaces the worn hormones with active ones.



  1. It Helps In Reducing The Risks Of Osteoporosis


This condition brings about bone wasting. The bones become weak and easy to get fractures. This therapy helps in preventing the extremes of the condition.


  1. Prevents Vaginal Dryness

The vaginal fluid dries up during menopause. This fluid provides a self-cleaning mechanism to the vagina.This dryness can be painful and exposes the vagina to infections. Hormone therapy helps in stimulating the production of the fluid.


  1. Helps In Improving Sleep

Flushes can cause you to have poor sleeping patterns. When you use hormone replacement therapy, the flushes become a thing of the past. The results are comfortable sleeping patterns.





  1. It Can Be Cancerous

This therapy exposes one to the risks of acquiring urine and breast cancers.


  1. It increases a Person’s Chances Of Getting a Heart Attack

Using the hormone therapy for a long term increases the rate at which the blood in the body clots. Enough blood is not able to reach the heart, and a woman gets higher chances of getting an attack.


It is advisable for you to talk to your GP before settling for this therapy.



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