How a job description is a function of management

How a job description is a function of management

For an organization to achieve its objectives, it has to have employees who are not only talented but also skilled because employees are the main asset that an organization owns as they drive its agenda.A job description is used in a recruitment processand is designed with the aim of ensuring that the organization recruits employees who match the requirement for each position. If a job description is not designed and utilized appropriately, then the organization will face challenges as they will have a deficit of skills and talents. For this reason, a job description is a function of management and should be designed in a manner that incorporates the aims of the company.

Human resource managers have the responsibility of sourcing for employees may it be from employment agencies, colleges or other employers. This is a task that requires managerial skills as the personnel practitioner must ensure that in every slot of application the company gets the best employee for the job(Luthans, Youssef, &Avolio, 2015). It would be time wasting, and resource wastage to advertise a vacancy and conduct interviews but realize that none of the candidates has the skills that are required as outlined in the job description.

A job description acts as a guide during the recruitment process whereby candidates are evaluated based on the requirements that are to be met(Luthans, Youssef, &Avolio, 2015). It should, however, be used with an open mind since a candidate may not have factor listed in the job description but may be the perfect match for the post as they may have other skills that surpass that one element. However, this depends on the nature of the job and whether the trait can be changed. For example in a sales and marketing job interaction is very important. This means that no matter how qualified a candidate is it will not be advisable to hire him if he/she is an introvert. Such a trait cannot be changed through training and job motivating factors such as rewards.

If the human resource manager makes a mistake and hires an employee who is not qualified enough to perform the duties outlined in the job description, then it will be a loss. This is because recruitment is a costly exercise so if the employee is laid off replacement will be required and the company will incur costs such as advertisement and in interviewing(Luthans, Youssef, &Avolio, 2015). The consequences are direr if the human resource manager hires an incompetent staff who does not uphold work ethics which means that his/her conduct will be questionable. The personnel manager should also be keen not to discriminate the candidates on any basis as they may be sued. A good job description should not contain elements such as age limits and physical fitness as the company may be sued for discrimination against age or based on disability. The impact is likely to be felt in the overall performance of the company especially when the competitors find out.

To ensure that the candidate selected for a job fits the job description he/she takes several tests. The tests are meant to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and abilities(KSAs) relevant to the job. These four elements are what is contained in a job description, and although developing them may be viewed as time-consuming and costly it is necessary to have them whenever you are hiring.Organizations arehowever making use of technology such as Applicant Track Software (Chungyalpa, &Karishma, 2016). The software is more efficient as it is designed in a manner that it can manage the entire process of recruitment.

Employees are the main asset for a company, so it is vital to ensure that they possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. Qualified employees help in the attainment of the company’s objectives so the hiring process should be done carefully to avoid wastage of resources which occurs when a company hires unqualified personnel. Job description guides the human resource manager, and it is one of the aspects of the functions of management. Not having a job description means that has a manager you do not control the behavior of the employees as well as their performance.



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