How Bezos is a systematic and intuitive thinker

How Bezos is a systematic and intuitive thinker

Bezos is a systematic and intuitive leader when it comes to solving amazon problems. From the article, it shows that he is a spontaneous and flexible problem solver. He recognizes that the top leadership of any company may not always be able to solve problems systematically or using fact made decisions. That is why sometimes he makes spontaneous judgments using his instincts which he argues that they can never be wrong. Being a good leader involves combining both systematic and intuitive decision-making process for effective management.

He has alternative courses of action when it comes to solving monetary problems in Amazon. Sometimes Amazon may lose money in the sale of its devices. But that does not put him down since he keeps on introducing new Amazon products in the market to avoid his company from being stagnant. Intuition balanced by support from the accurate, robust analysis, experience, and effort can be a great combination. Bezos balances intuition with the backing from the rational, robust analysis together with his expertise and energy which is a great combination. Bezos is an intuitive manager who will generally solve many problems at once, jumping from one issue to another until they are all solved.

Jeff Bezos does not believe in having a single product in the market for long as that will cause amazon company to stagnate in the market. He will spontaneously introduce a new product in the market or upgrade the ones already present in the market. Apart from that, he will bring more investors in the company using his hunch of what he believes is best for his company which has so far worked for his company. The strategies he uses have always helped to fight his competitors in the market.

Another way he shows that he is a systematic thinker is through the way he carefully plans which is the next product to be introduced in the market. He is also careful about how those products will reach their consumers. He believes that making money is not as important as customer satisfaction and treatment. He acknowledges that through lowering the price of a product and the correct customer service then the company can raise margins.

How Amazon should use its strength to become the leading company in the digital market.

Technology has been rapidly increasing causing the need for digital entertainment. Amazon should use its strengths to ensure it beats its counterparts such as Apple, Netflix, and Hulu to become the number one digital provider in the world. Amazon can take the number one spot as the internet largest retailer across the globe.

Amazon has a significant customer base primarily due to the low pricing of its products as well as an active customer service. Bezos should then take advantage of their numbers in the market to provide a quality product and work towards developing it which will beat its counterparts in the market. Amazon’s obsession over customers will make it find the best strategy to market the product they create to help it stay on top of the table. They should first focus on a single product then go ahead to launch the rest of the products when its already on top of the charts. Amazon should take advantages of its third-party sellers to grow its fan base to beat its competitor in the digital production market. Amazon should also use its resources to expand to other areas to expand their customer base. More clients will ensure the longevity of their company on top of the charts.

Amazon has skilled employees who have contributed to its success until today. The managers should collaborate with its employees in the business activities to push for the sales of the products to help it stay on top of the market. Amazon company should empower the employers to perfect the e-commerce sector since it is not dominant in that area. Amazon counterparts will make use of that weakness to beat it in the market. However, Amazon luckily has a strength that that counter that weakness. Being a large company, Amazon should use its powers to ensure that no counterfeits products are in the market in its name. There have been some few cases concerning that and Amazon should use its resources to fight that to avoid tainting their name in the market since it is rich in both human resources and capital. They should ensure that they conserve their large customer base with satisfying their clients as they have always done.

Compare the latest initiatives coming out of Amazon with those of actual or potential competition.

Amazon has been exceptionally efficient when it comes to providing digital services. However, in every market, there is bound to be competition no matter how good your product is. However, Amazon has been able to keep up with the competition with its motto being clear on how ambitious the company is. Amazon has had the experiment of promoting its product at the expense of their competitors. This has made the company remain relevant in the market-beating their competitors whose product appear below those of amazons in the market. Its dominance in e-commerce has helped it stay relevant in the market making the small companies unable to beat the giant company in sales. Furthermore, Amazon has increased the number of private label brands for the past few years extending its dominance in the market.

Amazon enhanced its competitive advantage against its competitors such as Walmart in the market using its market strategies. Just like Amazon, Walmart offers relatively low prices and a wide selection to customers but has been unable to beat Amazon at the top of the table which holds responsible about 40% of the America retail market compared to Walmart which offers about 10% of the same products. The program created by Amazon of shipping merchandise free of charge in two days or less has made life easier for their consumers hence their dominance in the market. Amazon is more convenient company compared to other competitors in the retail market.

Amazon as an e-commerce giant has faced competition from firms such as Alibaba which is a giant in that sector too. Both have various sites aimed at different type of sellers. However, Amazon has an advantage over Alibaba since its involved in direct sales while Alibaba does not. Amazon also owns its warehouses which is another advantage over Alibaba. Alibaba, however, beats Amazon by helping small businesses reach consumers. This has been quite helpful as amazon manages purely on an online platform which can be compared to a traditional store. It, however, leads to taking control of its experience in customers. Amazon has managed to beat giants like Alibaba through investing in vast amounts of money in different potential markets such as China.

Is Bezos making the right choices through managing Amazon?

According to my perception of him, Jeff is a CEO who apart from being visionary deals with problems at very high levels. I would not term him as a dictator. His vision can be achieved through his exceptional leadership team who work towards the success of Amazon company. Many people confuse him for being a tyrant since he expects a lot from people.

When it comes to decision making, Jeff can be termed as one of the smartest CEOs that ever led a giant company. He is a thinker and all his best ideas he transforms them into actions. His desire to experiment with different things has made him a risk taker which in turn has led to the success of his company. You cannot be a business leader if you are afraid of taking risks and this shows how right Jeff Bezos is.

I believe Jeff Bezos has made the right choices in managing amazon company as some of his decisions have come to bear long term effects. Apart from him not being afraid to take risks, he does not concentrate on his success in the past but plans for Amazon’s success in the future. He makes drastic decisions for the good of the company, for instance, introducing new products in the market as well as seeking for huge investors for his company.

I believe what primarily has made Bezos a spectacular leader when it comes to making decisions is that he involves his employees when making some of his choices and especially during tough times. Through him involving his employees has caused them to have an excellent communication system which is an essential element in decision making. Excellent communication has also led to the success of Amazon since its inception.

Like any other CEO, Jeff Bezos has also made some mistakes, but that has not stopped him from being flexible and correcting his errors. He admits that he is stubborn which he compensates by being flexible for the success of his company. Though he is a risk taker, he tries to minimize the risks in his business during his decision-making process. We have a lot to learn from a man who is not afraid to fail but does his best to stay on top of the league.

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