How Does Social Media and other Technology Influence How We Form Our Identity?

How Does Social Media and other Technology Influence How We Form Our Identity?

Identity brings out who an individual is in terms of character and the moral standing; it affects the choices that people make in terms of interactions and relationships. This essay seeks to outline how technology and other social media influence how we construct our identities.

Among teens, social media has posed a serious challenge where teens are struggling to differentiate themselves: This is because technology is more of "self" than "us" thus making kids who already do not know who they are to struggle in building their identity. It is more like trying to exist in more than one incarnation of oneself at the same time (Hopkinson and Rebecca, 113).

A few years ago as I was trying to overcome technology, I resolved to counsel and tried to interact more with people. It was hard to cope with it and having to be honest in real life. However, I got sufficient help which technology would not have provided; and this was of great help.

Constant tracking of an individual throughout his or her formative years help foster honesty among employees: This is because they are aware that they are being watched and thus tend to do the right thing to avoid being in trouble with the law. The companies working in the background as trackers help in determining who broke the law. In as much as this fosters honesty, the victims may try and find other ways to commit crimes because they feel forced to be honest when they are being tracked (Jussupow, Ekaterina, et al. 164).

Generally, technology has changed ways of establishing identities. People have chosen other ways to create images and impressions in the society. In this way, they form identities which are different from their real self. However, some people have embraced technology and used it to create a positive impacton society.


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