How Modernism Ideology Influenced MacDonald’s Art Style

Art has been a vital tool used by individuals to express their opinions, feelings, or thoughts, concerning some of the issues that occur and affect society. Through art, individuals have always made images for many reasons such as communication, decoration, or even for emotional purposes to help convey certain information which they perceive may be useful to the viewer in understanding their society better. However, most of these artistic pieces have always been shaped by circumstances that occur in the environment of the artist. One of such periods that significantly influenced the world’s art was the period of modernism. During the modernism period, art was associated with many different trends and movements which makes it unique from other traditional forms of art.

Futurism, pop art, expressionism, and cubism are but some of the few aspects associated with modern art. One very influential modern artist whose artistic works revolutionized the world's art and defined the trends of contemporary art was James MacDonald. One of his greatest pieces of work which is mostly controversial but coveted in equal measure in the contemporary society is the “Fall” painting. The “Fall” painting, therefore, remains one of the most monumental of modalities of MacDonald’s paints. This paper, therefore, examines MacDonald’s paintings, particularly the “Fall” and discusses how his style might have been influenced by the period of modernity.

Modernism refers to the period that dates back from the 1860s and 1970s and denotes the desire by many artists to ditch the old rules and conventions associated with traditional representational artwork by incorporating new ideas into their pieces of work (Burns 81). The term modernism, therefore, can be said to be a period when artists threw aside the tradition of the past and adopted the spirit of experimenting new ideas which touched on color, lines, and vision of their work. Through modernism movement, artists experimented new ways of seeing things, including new thoughts and fresh ideas about nature and society, thus giving the audience entirely new pieces of works that were not only mind-capturing but a

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