How the physical environment in Haiti directly affects the people’s health

How the physical environment in Haiti directly affects the people’s health


Healthcare is one of the major concerns in developing countries.  This is because of the inability of the people to cope with the many challenges and the continuous epidemics that are realized in many countries.  One of the major issues when it comes to healthcare is the environment. Many of the diseases come from the environment. The lack of sufficient environmental care leads to the vast spread of diseases. This is also a challenge when it comes to places where the surrounding is faced with deforestation, overpopulation and is continuously struck by natural disasters. This is the case in Haiti. In Haiti, there is the continuous environmental degradation that has been causing several issues to the Haitian citizens (environment, n.p).  This paper will look at how the physical environment in Haiti affects people’s health directly.This paper will explore the various environmental concerns when it comes to the situation and the environmental problems in Haiti.  The per will also explore some of the methods that can be used to address the healthcare issues in Haiti.

The physical environment in Haiti

There are various health concerns in Haiti that cone from the situation of the physical environment.  The physical environment in Haiti has acted on the people due to the vulnerability of the place. One of the most common problems is the health status of the local people who cannot access the hospitals as a result of the damages that have been done to the land aside the environment. These include the problem of overpopulation, the issues dealing with sanitation as well as the insecurity of food. All these issues point towards health problems.  The main reason why the people of Haiti are affected by these changes in the environment is the lack of insufficient poor management of natural resources coupled with the poor protection from the natural resources. These environmental problems have to be addressed to help solve the problem of health.

Increase in cholera as a result of poor sanitation

The lack of hygiene in Haiti has led to an insufficient water supply that is safe for drinking by the local people. There are various cities image that is insufficient some of them licking to the homesteads of the local people. As a result, many citizens are skeptical about the drainage system and the tanks that they are using. The data supplied to the regions is not safe for drinking, and many people around the society have applied it. Cholera is the leading issue that many writers face as a result of this poor sanitation. Recurrence of this disease is related to the local people lacking the innovation to address the situation and inability of the people to improvise on the poor drainage system. Some of the health problems that come with this poor sanitation include bilharzia and cholera

Cholera in Haiti

A cholera epidemic has been reported in Haiti for the year 2010 when this infection was brought into the region by the troops who came for peacekeeping. This was after a devastating earthquake that struck the place causing deaths of many people in Haiti (Health Haiti, n.p). From this point, there have been several infections that have continued to occur after the initial epidemic took place. This raises the questions to the local people as to whether they can handle cholera in Haiti. The local drainage systems in Haiti have proven to be insufficient as most of them go along the roads. For those who leave messages, there are cases where this issue a systems bursts into their local homes pussy problems and continuous cholera infections to their families — the densely populated areas in places such as Port-au-Prince risk diseases such as waterborne infections. Many of the citizens reside on planes and floods that are not constructed well.

In most cases, these are places that are still under development, and they have fluid systems passing through them. Approximately, there are 47% of the population that is only living urban areas accessing safe water for drinking. By the year 2012, 56% of the people that were living within the metropolitan regions had a massive improvement in citation c in a reduced cholera infection. There have been several efforts made by the local government to encourage people to build latrines where they cannot have the problem of dealing with the drainage system. Even though there have been various cases of improvements, natural disasters make the sanitation even worse leading to more health care issues. The channels that are along the road are affected especially when there is a tremendous amount of rain. Hurricane left with many people losing their boreholes are the sources of clean water. It is proximity to that today but again took away 20% of the fresh water that was used to before it took place.

Various pieces of evidence show that conditions that exist in Haiti based on cholera. Establishing environmental civil as has been seen to be something that can be used to eradicate the frequency of the diseases. This can also help in increasing the transport system and reducing the transmission of diseases from other countries. Ideas for safari from the transmission of cholera from the neighboring countries. This is because of the centrality and the cute location of height. Various attempts have been made to establish where they can be treated successfully. However, the problem has been the frequency of earthquakes and other disasters but please now well-established healthcare facilities.


Natural diseases and food insecurity

Natural disasters result in natural diseases that have been affecting the whole of the Caribbean islands. Haiti have been a victim of many disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes (Scientific America, n.p). This disaster results in two natural disasters as well as other health concerns such as physical injury on the people and water-related diseases. Loss of lives along with agricultural destruction is a massive part of these natural occurrences. Flats come with diseases such as malaria making people vulnerable to even other illnesses that are not easy to cure. The jury duty people are always taken to the hospital after having suffered wounds and escaping near death experiences from that natural disasters. Many residents of Haiti have also faced the health care changes as a result of the lack of developments infrastructures in the environment to help with the health issues. Many residents cannot successfully evacuate their residential due to the lack of good public infrastructure.

Actions to be taken to solve this issues

As a result of these environmental concerns, various issues can be done by the local and the national government together with the residents to reduce the problem in Haiti. One of them is improving the infrastructure in Haiti. Most of the countries in the Caribbean are faced with the problem of environmental concerns. However, they can prevent diseases by improving their infrastructure. This is the best way to ensure that the facilities are ready to accommodate the disasters when they come. The other issue is to incorporate the disaster management strategies and help the people cope better with the hazards. This will avoid injuries which are the other health concern. Also, society has to take the responsibility and maintain hygiene despite the problems that they are facing with water.


In conclusion, this paper has addressed the challenges that the people of Haiti are facing due to the problems that are poised y the physical environment. The natural climate poses the health challenges as it makes the sewage systems vulnerable to spillages leading to diseases such as cholera. One of the ways of improving sanitation is to develop infrastructure in the region.

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