How the UNH MBA can be more successful

How the UNH MBA can be more successful

The University of New Haven can adopt a list of measures that will see significant improvements in the MBA in Saudi Arabia. The required product changes in UNH include adding more courses in the MBA program. The expansion of the MBA program will allow for the inclusion of different areas such as business communication, marketing, operations, entrepreneurship, business ethics, and management. These changes further imply that students will have the ability to focus on a single area of study, thus increasing their competency levels (Khalifa 540).

The other change that can be incorporated in the program is the integration of home exams. Take home exams can take the form of short projects that allow the student to conduct in-depth studies on a specific area.  It is also recommendable to include a portfolio class that will see students gain critical skills in the management of the stock market. The move will further increase the productivity levels of employees when they work in banks and other institutions. It is critical to note that having more skills will enhance employability opportunities of students (Khalifa 540).

The other benefit of adding more courses to the MBA program is the fact that it would give students better choices and convenience. It implies that the University of New Haven would allow students to settle for courses that better shape their abilities. Moreover, there is the option of adding two more classes during the summer (Khalifa, 542). Under the currents setting, many organizations have become complicated, thus requiring improved skills levels among employees. It implies that the University of New Haven ought to ensure that students are well-positioned to fit in different positions.


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