How to get more Google reviews

How to get more Google reviews

It is every company’s dream to have an online presence. However, the opportunity comes with the challenge of asking customer to leave reviews for a product or service. So what can a company do to receive more reviews and why do they need reviews in the first place?

Reasons why reviews are beneficial

  • Reviews create a chance for a potential consumer to learn more about the company
  • They offer recommendations to people interested to purchase a product
  • People make up their minds whether to purchase from you or not based on the reviews they read online
  • Consumers are interested in knowing what is the latest improvement in the company
  • The company can learn from negative comments on the things that do not please their consumers
  • Builds their reputation and helps them to stay on the market.

Tips on how to get more reviews

  • Just ask your customers to leave you a review

-Send an SMS message or an email to your customers to ask them to leave you a review. As a business person it is always good to know the best time to do this. It can be immediately their order arrives or after they have interacted with your staff.

  • Make the process simple

-Most people are always busy and leaving a comment is a voluntary action. Therefore, make the process simple for them. Make it easy to access your listing page so that their patience does not run out and they leave without getting you the review you desire. Do not subject them to logging in or clicking several pages to get to the review section.

  • Remind your customers

-Send them an alert to remind them to leave you a note. Do more than two reminder alerts to initiate them to act.

-It is essential to follow up on customers, if they feel you are interested in getting their  review ,they will feel appreciated

  • Personalize the review process

-Make the tone warm by personalizing the conversation through referring to the client by their name. Remember this is a great opportunity to build a relationship with the client. , thank them for taking their time to leave you a feedback.

  • Reward your consumers for leaving a comment

Get a creative method to reward customers who leave their reviews by either awarding them points or coupons. You can add something extra for anyone willing to share the post on social media sites.

Every company should strive to impress a potential customer with the reviews and star rating it receives. Review offers a chance to connect to a client and initiate sales, an opportunity that will not come again easily. Therefore, companies should strive to get more reviews.



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