How World War II Influenced Civil Right Activism or Racial Relations

How World War II Influenced Civil Right Activism or Racial Relations

Print media sources that propagate propaganda such as posters, newspapers, stamps, and infographics, do tell people a lot about war and post-war society in the US. In this assignment, the application of primary source propagandas will be used to illustrate how World War II influenced civil rights activism or racial relations.

In the US, there was a period from 1945 to 1968 that was referred to as the second reconstruction. During this period, immediately after   World War II was ended in 1945, USA as a nation commenced its civil and human rights abuses’ correction that had existed in American society for over a century (endnote 1). The initiative for creating a nationwide change regarding civil and human rights issues was steered by; grassroots civil rights movements in addition to progressive undertakings by the president, the federal court's consent of abolishing segregation, Congress act of giving more complete political rights for African-American as well as redressing the longstanding social and economic disparities. The major contributor to this social reformation was each American protestant who stood against segregation coupled with African-American members who were included in congressional proceeding enabling them to play significant roles in advocating for reforms in Congress. This made the unwilling Congress pass a landmark civil right bill during the 1960s. The evidence of civil rights activism or racial relations that occurred in the aftermath of WW2is depicted in the primary sources below;


The first primary source is that of a Herblock cartoon from 1949 depicting two sullen-looking presidents, Harry S. Truman, and John Q. Public, examining infested apples. The animated image represented the former president’s policies initiative of rents controls and civil rights. The worm-ridden apples labeled coalition which stood for the alliance of Republicans and the conservatives' southern democrats who barricaded most of Truman

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