Human activities contribute to Global Warming

Human activities contribute to Global Warming

What comes to our minds when we hear any topic on Global Warming? This has been a heated topic as human activities are believed to relate to the controversial issues on the environment.  Global warming is the gradual increase in the heat of the earth surface, the atmosphere, and the oceans. Quite some factors contribute to global warming, but they are into two categories which are natural factors and human activities.  According to Rao (124), several scientists have concluded that it is the human activities that contribute significantly to global warming. They are confident that there is a direct relationship between social events and global warming. However, many people continue to debate over the issue of whether global warming is as a result of human activities or not. Based on several pieces of evidence from researchers, it is quite evident that human beings are the leading contributors to global warming.

The impact of climate change has increased over the years, and global warming is one of the notable effects that continue to affect human beings, plants as well as animals. There are several natural causes of global warming global warming such as emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and volcanic eruption.  However, human activities also remain to be the main reason for the existence of global warming (Fischer & Knutti 560).  Human activities that contribute to global warming primarily involve deforestation and burning of fossil fuels as they add to the release of greenhouse gases that find their way to the ozone layer to trap more heat.

The burning of fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coal to produce electricity and power vehicles releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that find their way into the atmosphere. Many nations have not embraced the use of renewable sources of energy such as the sun to produce electricity for daily use. Therefore, fossil fuels produce billions of tones every year. The toxic materials get trapped in the atmosphere, and the earth eventually becomes warm each day. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases, and as it settles in the atmosphere, it allows most of the sunlight to pass through to warm the air but does not allow the excess heat into space. Burning of fuels released an increased amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere making the earth to become warmer than the average amount of carbon dioxide is to ensure that the earth surface maintains the right temperature.

Generation of electricity is the leading contributor to carbon pollution as stated by Australia remains the leading contributors to global warming when unlike other countries of the world. Australia has high carbon dioxide emission which is twice the average of many developed nations, and it is four times more than the total global emission. According to, approximately 73% of Austr

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