Human Resource Management Discussion

  1. Engage Employees

Effective human resource management requires that the employees are involved in the decision-making processes as opposed to a situation where the management dominate on the junior employees (Noe, 2017). Other than just focusing on profit maximization, there is an equal call to focus on the welfare of the employees with the objective of ensuring that their rights are upheld. Promotions, dispute resolutions, and safe working conditions are some of the ways that the management can intervene to improve the state of its employees (Bratton, 2017).

  1. Training Course and Meeting

Human resource management concerns itself with the need to ensure that the productivity of the employees is improved. Nonetheless, different industries are highly dynamic and often make the skills of the workers irrelevant (Wright, 2018). It is in this realization that human resource management must seek to better train the workers through meetings, seminars, and other initiatives.

  1. Improve Dialogues

In any organizational setting, there are chances that the employees and other stakeholders are from diverse backgrounds. The situation thus increases chances of disputes and conflicts. Nonetheless, having improved dialogues is cited as being one of the ways that such differences can be resolved and a positive organizational culture upheld (DeCenzo, 2016).

  1. Quick response to customer’s needs

In the current setting, there is a growing need to be responsive to both the customers and the market trends (Brewster, 2016). The argument rests on the fact that the industry has become highly competitive and requires effective relationships with the customers. The failure to have such contact may see the customers move to other organizations. It is thus an ideal way of ensuring that an organization maintains a competitive edge over other players.


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