Human Resource Management

TASK 3:1

            Human Resource Strategies

Human resource management plays a central role in ensuring consistent provision of services in organization. This is achieved by effectively and efficiently managing the workforce which is the heartbeat of the organization. However, to achieve this, the human resource managers need to identify and apply various strategies. One of the most crucial strategies is the recruitment and selection strategy. This is the strategy through which the organization uses to identify the best talent in the market in terms of human resource and attract them to the company. Recruitment usually involves the identification of the best talent and skills in the market while selection involves identifying a single individual from the pool who best fits the vacant position. This may be achieved through direct head hunting, offering incentives or targeted recruitment.

Organizational developments form the next set of strategies which are crucial to the functioning of an organization as it ensures coordination, development and unity in the existing workforce. It involves activities such as team building activities, training of employees, talent and change management. This ensures that the workforce grows and become better as the organization grows. Another crucial strategy is the remuneration and reward strategy which aims at keeping the workers satisfied so as to ensure optimum production from them. This strategy is made up of four key categories which are; remuneration, rewards and benefits, motivation and engagement and retention. These strategies are all focused on the monetary aspect of employment as a way of retaining and ensuring optimum production from the employees.


The final strategy that we will be looking at is the people development strategy which aims at developing the skills of the employee so that they are more effective and productive. This involves learning and development which maybe through induction, job training, workshops or coaching and mentoring. It also involves performance management which is made up performance appraisal programs such as awards and managing underperformance and discipline.   Implementation of the above stated strategies will have lasting benefits to any organization since they are focused on ensuring the employees are producing at their best and working in the best environment which only translates to positive results.

TASK 3.2

Application of HR Strategies

Implementation or application of strategies is usually not an easy process as it involves the identification and acknowledgement of the organization’s culture, mission, vision and values of the organization as well as rules governing the industry (S

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