WATCH Ethnic Notions on streaming video through our UWT library system…AND review the website “Jim Crow Museum” http://www.ferris.edu/JIMCROW/ (Links to an external site.) (important sections = the Museum, Caricatures, and Resources [Question of the month] )…please respond to the following homework questions: 1.) Social Constructions and the Racialization Process: In the documentary, Ethnic Notions, the scholars interviewed discuss how grotesque stereotypical images of blacks changed over time (e.g. pre and post civil war) as social, political, economic and cultural agendas shifted. What does this tell you about the “nature” or characteristics of a racialized system? 2.) Symbolic Group Representations and Resistance: Why does Dr. David Pilgrim collect racists items for his museum? What can we learn from his project? For example, what is “blackface” and what are minstrel shows? Why did these kinds of objects with exaggerated racial images exist? What do you think we should do with them today?