High Blood Pressure is a disease that occurs when systolic artery pressure of the blood goes up to 140mmHg or more and when the diastolic artery pressure is at 90mmHg or above (Sawicka et al., 2011). HBP make the heart to strain in circulating blood all through the body. This puts stress on the blood vessels of the body causing them to weaken clog or stiffen. It always results from immense stress situations; develop on its own or from kidney disease. The paper provides a detailed explanation of why hypertension is referred to as “the silent killer.”

High blood pressure is termed as the “the Silent Killer” simply because in most circumstances it does not present warning symptoms or sign.  Most of the patients are not always aware of the elevated pressure developing in their bodies (Sawicka et al., 2011).  Over time the constant increase in pressure overloads, causing accumulating damage that the circulatory system cannot handle. Often this leads to risks of serious problems such as kidney failure, heart attack, congestive failure of the heart and stroke. Many people believe that headache is not a sign of high blood pressure, but at times it forms part of the complication. Ignorance, therefore, leads to the development of the disease at severe levels.  For instance, given lifestyles like drinking of too much alcohol without any day’s diagnosis of blood pressure is quite disguising and hypertension mostly develops in such like people without notice.

The other reason why HBP is known as a silent killer is that it develops very slowly within the body; therefore, its realization only comes when it strikes down the patient.  It is also referred to as a silent killer since its definite cure is not known. It can only be prevented by using some medication that reduces it and also by effectively managing or changing one’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of the people do not rightly follow the right diet to the very end. Their personality convinces them that having taken the recommended drugs or diet for some time the disease disappears. Because of such assumptions such like patients dies silently due to high blood pressure without noticing.  Close to 70 million American adults have HBP; that is, one person in every three adults has the diseases (Sawicka et al., 2011).  Among this number, only 52% of those suffering from HBP have their condition being under control. In conclusion, indeed hypertension is a silent killer disease that can kill without any symptoms and signs. Therefore people always visit the hospital even if they suffer a mild headache to be tested of hypertension before it yields to other complications.

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