Image in the Eyes

Image in the Eyes

The common saying, “do not judge a book by its cover,” has been overlooked by so many individuals in the contemporary society that it is not surprising that our sense of sight, more than any other thing determines the choices we make. The world itself has become superficial, and this explains why the projected image outweighs the actual image. It for sure beats most people’s imagination how the world has turned out to be but can we run away from this bitter truth? Let us be honest who would not want to be in the company of an appealing person? People tend to like getting recognized from the very moment they set foot at a place. Why then would we want so much to maintain the high profiles in the social media accounts we have? Appealing impressions matter so much and the sooner we accept this fact, the better for all of us.

The very first reason for taking a stance that appealing impression matters a lot is because when applying for a job interview, the very first thing they tend to look at is one’s image and behavior. For example, in some Companies, before one is even summoned to an interview, they google and do thorough research about the person and draw conclusions from the information gathered online. Luckily if one has a very high profile online and has a good reputation with those they interact with, they are likely to get considered. If our own Companies care about appealing character, then it is only fair that as much as we try to be virtuous people, then we should portray it more on the image and behavior because we are likely to attract better opportunities.

Besides, appealing images come with a lot of respect and admiration. People gain popularity simply by portraying a good picture and behavior.  Martin Luther King was an inspiration to many people, and the way he carried himself drew him a lot of admiration and fame. He advocated for the poor, and whatever came out of his mouth still runs deep in people’s hearts many years down the line. With an appealing image, one is sure to get respected and gain fame all the way through life and its endeavors.

Lastly, the importance of image in the eyes of others assumes alarming proportions if one’s career primarily depends on it. An example is the politicians we have around. Their public image sometimes contradicts their agenda, but they still get voted in again and again. Some get into power and finish their first term without any progress but when they come back seeking support from the people they still get it. This happens because they got their way with words and the image and behavior they show when asking for support is so calculated that people cannot help but give in. A politician’s position is put in jeopardy only when their image has been tampered with, and they cannot maintain the high profile that is always expected of them.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, it is now clear that maintaining an appealing image is essential to people, but they should also focus on being virtuous since an alluring image alone is not enough and can be misleading at times. Reputation is for a time, but a character is for eternity just as Abraham Lincoln once said that character is more of a tree and reputation is only but a shadow. Putting this in mind, we should aim at the real thing in the long run but at the same time focus on what is important which is the appealing image.

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