Immigration Detention Assignment


            Over the years, immigration detention has existed; however, the scale of its use by different nations to manage migration and safeguard borders is unprecedented. Currently, detention of migrants is an international phenomenon that affects a large number of vulnerable migrants regardless of them being used as a result of the criminalization of migrants or as an administrative practice. Statistics show that about 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States represent 14% of the entire criminals in the country. Migrants are mostly detained under conditions that are way below the International Human Rights Standards over long periods. This paper will address the problems and inequality with immigration detention.

Immigration detainees are apprehended in a variety of different, and sometimes totally unsuitable areas. Based on reports by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (ECPT) on various country visits and meetings with detainees in a number of custodial areas, it was found that immigration detention centers in some states were misleadingly termed as guest houses or transit centers.

The picture below represents the horrifying conditions experienced by children in detention centers. According to research findings, approximately one million children are affected by immigration detention policies across the world.