Impact of Globalization on Nationalization

Impact of Globalization on Nationalization


The paper covers the positive effects of globalization on nationalism. Globalization is developing interdependence of the world’s markets, populations, and cultures due to the need for exchange information, investment as well as people and technology. On the other hand, nationalism is a belief based on the individual’s allegiance and commitment to the nation and outshines other individual or assemblage welfares. The globalization has been enhanced by the removal of trade blocks, reduced costs for exports/imports, and reduced taxations on products as well as friendly trade policies between neighboring countries. Therefore, globalization has many positive impacts on the nationalism as discussed in this work.

Positive Impacts of Globalization on Nationalism

Production of More Goods at Cheap Price

Globalization has made manufacturing more effective since it motivates every nation to practice specialization. This is where the country produces what it is best on, leaving out what they can’t produce best for the other countries (Antonsich, 2015). Through specialization, the state ends up using less resources in the production process. As results, the products are sold at low prices making them more affordable by low-income earners. Specialization also contributes to the growth and development of the economy of many countries (Antonsich, 2015). Specialization is of the great importance to the residents since if a country practices specialization it means that the products it produces it is of high quality hence an advantage to the citizen. A country practicing specialty saves a lot of time by creating what is it is best in hence ensuring sound quality than when it does not practice specialization.


Creation of Job Opportunities

Globalization has been one of the most significant sources of jobs to many people worldwide today for people who venture in businesses to get their daily bread. This people considerably earn from economic growth, and this is one of the positive impacts of globalization in our world today (Turner& Holton, 2015). Since countries practice specialization, and specialists in different fields have been employed in manufacturing, processing industries and firms making it the primary sources of employment (Vasilopoulou& Halikiopoulou, 2015). Also, new technology has led to the creation of new products that are more advanced and as a result, most people being employed to operate computers and even other communication gadgets that are involved in online marketing (Sánchez& Noblit, 2016). Real suppliers and transporters have been able to secure jobs to ensure that goods and services reach the consumer at different parts of the world at the right time and in good condition. These

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