Impact of Technology on Education, Health, and Social Life


There is no doubt that technology has significantly changed society. Over the past three decades, society has witnessed massive advancement in technology which has seen the development of various technological equipment such as cellular devices, computers, and most importantly the internet. These developments have completely overhauled the way people think, behave, or even interact. With the proliferation of technologies, an individual would believe that technological tools would be useful in enabling people- to understand their cultures, to meet and interact, to strengthen and maintain cordial relationships, or to be more socially adept. The truth, however, is that technological advances also comes with myriads negative effects which cause distractions among individuals, increase stress levels, and increasingly make individuals to be isolated. Even with these technologies, people must always accept the fact that overreliance on technology can also affect their personal lives adversely, which if not considered can lead to calamitous implications. This paper, therefore, tries to examine the negative consequences of technology, specifically the computer and smartphone, on a person’s social life.

My Observation

My observational study on how technology affects an individual’s social life kickstarted on January 27th, 2019. From my observation, I learned that most of the people I observed spent most of their time on their smartphones. I was able to observe this both from family and my classmates. In my family, almost everyone demonstrated a high degree of addiction in using their smartphones even during late night hours when we were supposed to come together as a family and enjoy each other’s company. Rather than spending time together to interact, my family members were all spending their time on social media. In school, some of the students were unable to maximumly concentrate on their teachers because of the effect of using smartphones.  I also noticed that some critical aspects of individuals' health were affected by technology because of stress, isolation, and addiction that comes with the use of these gadgets.


Based on my observation, I firmly believe that technology greatly influences individuals' daily routine, social behavior, and also their mental and physical health. Technology helps its users to finish their respective work efficiently. Technology makes life more comfortable by enabling individuals to perform different activities easily, but also consumes individuals' time and concentration. I, therefore, believe, that for every advantage associated with technology, there is always a profound disadvantage comes with it.


In the journal article titled Impact of Smartphones on Society, the author, Muhammad Sarwar and Tariq Rahim Soomro, state that the use of smartphone has become so crucial in individual's lives resulting in positive and negative impacts on business,

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