Impacts Of Magnesium In The Sexual Function

Magnesium is a core mineral in our bodies. It is involved in more than 300 enzyme reactions. Lack of enough magnesium is called asymptomatic. It is called asymptomatic because it does not show until when its levels become too low.

Among some of its essential functions, magnesium helps in improving sleeping patterns, maintaining bone density, keeping the heart healthy, improving the sex drive, among others.

Maintaining proper levels of magnesium in our bodies should be the key. It is easy to maintain this mineral as it occurs in foods that can be found in food stores without tough hustles.

Several concerns about whether magnesium can help sexually have emerged. The following insights will help us understand the relationship between sexuality and magnesium:

  1. It helps in Improving Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a natural medicine to our bodies which only a few know about. It is sad to note that despite these few understanding the importance of sleep; they won’t take time to get enough.

Sleeping helps in healing the broken body tissues. During this time, the body recharges itself, replacing worn tissues with active ones.

When we get enough sleep, essential hormones such as testosterone are produced to attain the required level of 300 ng/dl. According to the American Medical Association, having poor sleeping patterns can kill sex drive. Why? Because libido in the body becomes low due to inadequate production levels of testosterone.

Due to the evolving needs in today’s world, we are prone to worrying too much about not meeting our goals. As a result, we get anxious and at the same time; stressed. The two factors affect how we sleep, and at advanced levels, insomnia creeps in.

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, magnesium can help in improving sleep. When the body has enough magnesium, the mineral helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

Magnesium works on GABA receptors to help in relaxing your nervous system. When it relaxes, you are able to enjoy regular sleeping patterns.




  1. Contributes to the Production of Testosterone

This hormone is crucial in a man’s life. It defines him, and a slight negative change in its level makes him seek immediate attention. Some turn to supplements such as the Ultracore which usually are sold over the counter.

Testosterone defines the sex drive in a man and also his masculine physique. When its production levels go down, the manly character begins to fade over time.

Low levels of testosterone cause you to have a low sex drive. You lose interest in your partner and also tend to become moody. One of the solutions that can help boost testosterone is consumption of magnesium-based foods and supplements.

According to research by the Biological Trace Element, taking magnesium leads to an increase in free testosterone.

Free testosterone accounts for 4% of this hormone in the body. The remaining 96% is composed of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. They constitute two-thirds and one-third of this hormone respectively. Free testosterone is responsible for building the male character.

When the right amount of magnesium is available in the body, it promotes the production of free testosterone. You develop muscle and become more energetic. When your free testosterone is at the right levels, erectile dysfunction is not likely to catch up with you.

Thus, you can enjoy your sexual performance and at the same time, cherish that moment. Your strong muscle will keep you going for significant periods. In return, you satisfy your partner and build your confidence.

  1. It Improves Cardio Health

Sex involves a change in the flow of blood from low pressure to high pressure. The rate at which the heartbeat becomes intense. Thus, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you are at high risk of getting a cardiac arrest.

You have to be under specific medication to control your blood pressure. Some of these medicines react with your sex hormones and cause a low desire for sex in you.

When your blood pressure is within control, you enjoy sex without having to worry about failing of your heart. Magnesium is one of the most effective elements of controlling high blood pressure.

According to the study published in the Journal of Nutrition on14th January, magnesium plays a vital role in controlling blood pressure.

According to dieticians, a daily intake of 400g of magnesium reduces high blood pressure too low and acceptable levels.

Putting high blood pressure under control allows you to enjoy sex with your partner in peace. The risks of getting a cardiac arrest to become minimized.

According to researchers, when you maintain magnesium at the correct levels, you are at a better position to control blood pressure when compared to those with low levels of magnesium. The role this mineral play when it comes to managing high blood pressure cannot be underestimated.


Magnesium is available in specific foods we eat. They include almonds, avocados, green leafy vegetables, and fish, among others. It is also available as a supplement. It is crucial to Include magnesium in our foods. We should always make sure that each serving we take ccontain this rucimportant mineral.

Lifestyle is changing at a high rate. People have more disposable income which is making them live unhealthy lives. However, we should check our health and make sure we incorporate physical exercises in our healthy diets.


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