The implications of child abuse in Canada

The implications of child abuse in Canada

Thesis: Child abuse has negative implication son the lives of Canadians.

Research Question: Does child abuse result in negative implications in Canada?

Problem Statement

The problem of child abuse is a dominant topic in Canada with more than a third of the total population having undergone child abuse. In Ontario for instance, more than 21% of females and 30% of males had some form of physical abuse at one time in their childhood. Further, millions of other people underwent verbal abuse as well as neglect and sexual abuse in Canada. Still, other forms of child abuse include exposure to domestic violence and emotional mistreatment by either parents or nannies. The implications of child abuse are wide and far reaching with a potential of denting the entire lives of the parties involved. Indeed, studies have found effects of child abuse being witnessed many years after the initial action. While the effects are largely behavioral in nature, there is evidence to show that child abuse may result in the manifestation of economic and social implications.



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