Importance of EBP practice of a BSN-prepared RN and barriers to implementation

Importance of EBP practice of a BSN-prepared RN and barriers to implementation

Evidence-based practice is a concept that applies to various health sciences through converting the information into focused questions for efficient tracking of best evidences to answer them. Evidence-based practices patient care and integrating the available resources to guide the nurses and improve the patient outcome. They are several essential component of evidence-based practice ofBSN-prepared RN. This is a practice in science that involves investigation of treatment for the patients. It involves taking into account various patient references and combining them with the knowledge to facilitate maximum positive results.Healthcare organisations operate on decision-making processes than by the nurses that prompt employers to offer the best for the institution (Loversidge et al., 2019). This also include changing dynamics of the market and evidence-based practices. Evidence-based practice is crucial in achieving industrial designations due to the competition among the healthcare providers. The employees have to continue to rice and solve the problem of nurse shortage.

There are numerous ways in which I will continue to integrate evidence-based practice my practice within my working environment. My working environment is at mercy hospital Miamiflorida where there is shortage of nurses as the main problem identified and EBP is crucial to solving the problem. Through the use of evidence-based practice and the A BSN degree , it will help me to integrate research into my practice and find the best solutions for a base problem. The obstacles that I could face to challenge this plan include the inability of the people to accept the proposals of solving the problem of nurse shortage. The other obstacle is the limited resources that are available as this project will require financial booking together with other resources. To minimise the impact of these challenges, is necessary to educate the people about evidence-based practice and the methods that can be used to solve the problem of nurse shortage in the region and how the hospital will benefit from thie implementation.


Loversidge, J., Yen, P. Y., Chipps, E., Gallagher-Ford, L., Genter, L., & Buck, J. (2018). Top-of-License Nursing Practice, Part 2: Differentiating BSN and ADN Perceptions of Top-of-License Activities. Journal of Nursing Administration48(6), 329-334.

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