Importance of upgrading my company laptop in the Aerosmith department MEMO


The main objective of this memo is to illustrate the importance of upgrading my company laptop in the Aerosmith department. It will emphasize different aspects of my computer that need to be upgraded. These aspects range from my laptop speed, hardware, and graphics that are essential for smooth working. This memo will as well expand on how those aspects will enhance my daily running of the event. This will make me more productive. Lastly, this memo will expand on the current trends and the type of features that modern laptops have. This memo will as well illustrate the improvements in the AUTOCAD software and SOLIDWORKS software that necessitates the need of upgrading my computer.


In order to achieve excellent results at the Aerosmith department, one must have an effective laptop. There are several types of laptops. These laptops include HP, MacBook, IBM, Lenovo, and ASUS among several others; however, this memo will concentrate on MacBook. At Aerosmith department, I use an Apple MacBook Pro laptop. An effective laptop should have at least the following features. The first feature is pipelining. This feature allows a laptop to perform multiple tasks without crushing. The second feature of a good laptop is the cache memory. There are three levels of cache namely; L1, L2, L3 cache memory. Depending on the arrangements of these memories the laptop can be fast or slow. The third feature of a good laptop is t

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