Inappropriate Behaviors at the Workplace

Over time, workplace diversity has been the primary cause of conflicts and aggressiveness among employees. Workplace aggressiveness is regarded as being a threat to the smooth running of operational processes in any given organization. It is worth noting that job satisfaction is an essential factor in the retention of employees. However, this cannot be attained in a setting where there are increased instances of violence, discrimination, and harassment of employees. On the contrary, there is a need to have well-outlined policies to protect the rights and interests of all employees. Common causes of aggressiveness in workplace settings include dispersal rumors, impractical jokes, teasing, and insolent comments.

In a standard setting, the management of an organization is expected to put in place measures that lead to the creation of an appropriate physical, emotional, and physiological environment.  Other than focusing on the skills of employees, there is a similar urge to ensure that the welfare of workers is also put into consideration. It is imperative to note that the prevalence of a negative organizational culture significantly affects the morale and productivity of employees. As such, the management should ensure that it puts in place measures that create a positive organizational culture and upholding of values and interest of all people.

While employees are expected to behave professionally, it is worth noting that it is not always the case that they stick to the professional codes. On the contrary, there are many instances where they engage in inappropriate activities. Unethical undertakings are actions that lead to the disruption of the normal functioning of an organization. Inappropriate behaviors go against professional codes that require all stakeholders to be treated with dignity and respect. Some of the activities that can be termed as being unsuitable include harassment, aggression, violence, bullying, and nuisance. In most cases, increased work pressure causes stress among employees.

In a work environment where there are no avenues to deal with such pressures, there are increased chances of having aggressive responses from employees. One of the common cases of aggressiv

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