Information System Homework

A customer has requested help with troubleshooting various security problems. Since the computer is for home use, the customer wants to safeguard it so that his children do not access specific information. Recently, the system had several spyware installations, and the computer seems to be running very slowly. There are warnings when Windows Defender is open, as well. Explain the steps you would use to diagnose, and repair if necessary, spyware on the customer’s computer. Also, add how you would safeguard the children from uninvited material showing up on the internet

Spyware is a computer hardware or software program that allows an unauthorized person to monitor and collect information about computer use secretly. Spyware can keep track of each keystroke one types, every application software, bank details, website visited, every chat, every document opened; everything you do on your computer. To diagnose spyware in the customer’s computer, it is essential first to run an anti-malware program designed to detect spyware. It is important to note that many antivirus software has no option of scanning malware. Some of the spyware are not easy to detect by an antivirus. An antispyware program can scan for the codes which are identical to spyware software and try to delete it. The customer’s computer had several various installations, but they seemed ineffective. The fact that the computer is running very slowly and warning when the Window Defender is on is a clear indication that there is a spyware infection. Therefore, running an antispyware program would help establish this. To repair the firewall, it is important to install new software and hardware and create new accounts and passwords. It is also essential to install and enable a firewall, install an up-to-date antivirus protection program, and an updated antispyware program.

To safeguard children from unwanted materials that show up on the internet, it is essential to install popup blockers, carefully monitor your children’s web explorations, tell them to avoid sharing private information and install mature content filtering software that would prevent unwanted popups on the computer.