Information Technology Ethical Dilemmas

Making ethical decisions has never been an easy thing in the business world. Several factors have to be put into consideration before a decision is made. Some decisions will be appreciated by the stakeholders involved, while some will be downplayed. Ethical issues will not at all times be addressed by simply adhering to certain regulations.  For starters, a decision should be legal, and fall within the confines of the organization’s ethical policies. Organizations will also consider other aspects like future sustainability and costs involved among other things (Kizza, 2016). The decisions become more difficult to make since there is no single threshold used in measuring standards. In the utilitarianism ethical theory, Hospers believes that people should feel as being morally obliged to choose those actions that maximize total happiness (Ermann & Shauf, 2003). This means taking an action that does more good than harm to the people associated with the issue. Despite the good intentions meant by the utilitarianism theory, it cannot be applicable in all ethical decisions. Dilemmas associated with information technology can help in showcasing this detail. They include:


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property includes designs, names, images, inventions and symbols being used by a company. They are typically categorized as assets to any business, and therefore contribute significantly to the success of the venture. The age of information technology has made it possible for corporations to imitate ideas from their counterparts and use them for financial gain. Most of these inventions come from medium and small-size enterprises. Inventions from small companies are usually unprotected. Big companies steal the inventions since they can commercialize the products and services in a shorter period (Kizza, 2016).

There are moral rights embedded within intellectual property rights legislation, directives and agre

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