Instagram social network

Instagram is a social network platform invented by Facebook 2012 that is a free online photo sharing application. The application allows its users to edit photos and short video clips by use of their mobile phones. The photos shared in instagram by instagramers can be uploaded in other social media platforms such as Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. As such, instagram has become much helpful and famous based on the following reasons.

First, Instagram is the fastest image application. Ideally, images attract people’s attention easily compared to audio and written work. Again, it is easier to interpret information presented in images; therefore, visual marketing specifically influencer marketing has become popular in recent years. Captions are cut off from the main feeds and accompanied by some words, thus, making them secondary to the displayed photographs (Ashpari, 2012). This has created the popularity of instagram as images play a central role in communication.

Secondly, instagram is a confirmed user-friendly application. It is presented with a simple interface that provides quick navigation of its features hence more straightforward to understand and use by new users both young and old. Additionally, instagram is inventing new and improved features for instance filters, slideshows, and stories among other features. Further, they provide log in user instructions easier to follow (Ashpari, 2012). These all together have made the app popular.

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