Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications is a strategic business process that is used to create, implement and evaluate measurable and persuasive brand communications programs with customers, employees and other target audiences. Online marketing is one of the most valued new tools in Integrated Marketing Communication. Online marketing when reinforced with other forms of marketing, it adds value and strength to the IMC.  Online is the company effort to promote products and services with the aim of building a good customer relationship over the internet (Ogden & Ogden, 2014, Chapter 9).  The online marketing efforts comprise the use of emails, developing online marketing ads to consumers to create brand awareness.

IMC tactics wish to generate a positive relationship with the customers through proper communication channels. Internet marketing mainly targets to promote a good relationship and long term relationship with the customers. Online Marketing is a two-way means of communication since internet media creates a brand relationship and allows customers to interact and trust one another (Ogden & Ogden, 2014, Chapter 9). The rapid transformation in marketing communications through the support of electronic and internet marketing has dramatically influenced the behavior of customers towards a particular product or service.  The attitude of customers has been positively affected by the evolving interactive market space.

Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

Most marketers make mistakes to think that Baby Boomers are “old fashioned” or not tech savvy. Digital Marketing works best for Baby Boomers since 85% of the baby boomers spend a lot of time browsing and shopping online (Hall, 2017, 1). The population has got it covered on Facebook, and electronic marketing on Facebook is applicable. Mobile marketing campaign might not succeed since most of them consider it as a communication tool hence the least likely group to make purchases using smartphones. The baby boomer still sticks to the traditional means of marketing and this is Facebook.

1965-1983 Generation X or the Busters

The generation X is the forgotten generation but has a high power of spending with the highest income. Many of Generation X remains traditional in the way they respond to marketing and advertising (Hall, 2017, 1). I will prefer to use Email since this generation is more tech savvy.

Generation Y (Millennial)

Millennial grew up with technology and believe the world is incomplete without technology. The demographics are incredibly tech-savvy and are regular internet users (Ogden & Ogden, 2014, Chapter 9). Social media and mobile marketing apply to the generation since they are active users of mobile and the internet.

Digital Generation

The Digital generation is an exceptionally tech-savvy and regular user of current social sites such as Instagram. The internet is the place to be for this generation, and the development of ads on the internet is necessary to this group (Hall, 2017, 1). Since most of these generation value online interaction, the best electronic marketing is social media marketing.

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