Interactive Service Work


Interactive service work is any job that involve direct contact with the client, customer or even a patient. In most of these jobs employers tend to control the emotions of their employees as their employees also try to control the responses of the clients or customers. When looking at interactive jobs its good not to look at the industry whether it is manufacturing or service provider industry but rather focus on the job being done. This is because even if manufacturing and agriculture industries may not directly involve interaction with the customers there are some sectors in it which would require meeting the customers such as marketing of the products produced. It is thus good when thinking about interactive service work to focus on the type of job being done rather than the industry.

According to Arlie Hochsechild in “The managed heart” (1983) producing a constant smile on the face of customers requires a special effort and if this effort is exchanged for a salary it is termed as emotional labour.This forces many employers or managers to submit their workers into a system of monitoring their emotions to ensure there is customer/client satisfaction. This management of feelings so as to produce a significant public figure ensures that service providing industries grow while the agriculture and manufacturing industries decrease. Professional frontline service workers must accept and adapt with their emotions being monitored and managed as they try to manage the client response feelings.

The reason as to why this emotional labor is so crucial on se

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