Internal memo

To all employees

One of the severe work problems that we might be at significant risk to encountering is the exposure to dust. While working with timber, there is a lot of dust that is produced. In many instances, a carpenter would often work in such an environment without the right protective gears that can prevent the dust from getting to their noses or eyes. Without such equipment, the most common problem that one might be at the most significant risk of encountering is inhaling too much dust or the dust getting into the eyes. Too much dust in the lungs might often result in breathing problems. Therefore, this is one of the work-related issues that one can encounter. An employee can create this problem since they might be working on the fallacy that the dust from the timber might not have any issues.

A fallacy is often a mistaken belief that often arises from unsound arguments. For instance, in this case, the argument that the carpenter might have is that dust is just a common thing and might not have any problems. The challenge in these cases is that the carpenter here is forgetting that there is specific protective gear that they are supposed to uses while working. But since they think that they have worked for a long time with timber and no one has ever been affected, they tend to believe that it is not such a big issue. The faulty causation here is that working without this protective gear exposes one to much dust that eventually creates breathing problems. The fallacy in these cases arises from the thinking that many people still work without these gear and they have not suffered any problem. However, they forget that many might have, but perhaps nobody has ever reported the cases. Therefore there is a high possibility that working without gear is dangerous.

Such type of fallacy might be termed as hastily generalization. Such form of generalization often occurs when one makes a conclusion or a generalization based on little or even no evidence. For instance, one cannot make a claim and say that it is true only basedon the example of two proofs. Concerning the carpenter case one might often refer the friends that have worked in some cases without the use of protective gear and yet they are just well. With this example, the person concludes that it is not necessary to use this equipment. Since no one from within the environment or in proximity has complained of any complication due to the issue of dust from timber, therefore, it is not such a big issue to work without protective gear.

Therefore, while working on this project, it would be necessary for every individual always to follow the following safety measures

  • Still, use protective gear while working
  • If one has any health concern, they should report the case to their supervisors
  • Always take a watchful eye while working with some dangerous equipment

Imy desire that we carry out this project without any fatalities. However, this would only be possible if all of us are keen on their health and that we follow the required safety guidelines. With such an approach we shall complete the project safely with little or no fatalities.

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