Internet and Crimes

What Could Internet Crime(S) Be Considered the Most Important Crime for Law Enforcement to Investigate?

Generally, despite the positive impacts of the advent of technology, computers, and internet, it is worth noting that the advancement of internet and technology is accompanied with a number challenges such as cybercrimes otherwise noted as computer-oriented crimes (Wall, 2015). There are a number of internet crimes; however, some are critical that law enforcement authorities have to investigate. These crimes include; financial fraud through hacking, child pornography and sex extortion crimes, cyber terrorism, and phishing scams, identity theft, among others. These crimes should be investigated because of a myriad of reasons,  firstly, through hacking a cybercriminal will illegal obtain sensitive information such as personal identification information, bank passwords, or even social security numbers and use them fraudulently thus affecting the nation’s financial health (Finklea and Theohary, 2015). Similarly, therefore crimes should be investigated because they interfere with people’s privacy and crimes such as cyber terrorism and scamming poses a general national security threat.

What Impact Does Jurisdiction Have in Computer-Crime Cases?

On the other hand, even though authorities manage to identify cybercriminals, the challenges arise during prosecution, taking them into custody is usually a herculean task because of lack of jurisdiction. Basically, the impact of jurisdiction is that it slows down the efforts directed in the war against cyber-oriented crimes (Ajayi, 2016). This situation occurs because cybercrimes occur spontaneously and a cybercriminal may be located in a foreign country thus bring such a criminal to court will require long processes, for instance, one has to go through the authorities and law enforcers in that particular country. This processes thus negatively impacting anti cybercrimes efforts within a country.


Sergio Tells Charlene; What, If Anything, Should Sergio Be Charged With? Why?

In considering both Sergio and Charlene case scenario, the acts by Sergio may be viewed as internet oriented crimes. When and if arraigned in court, Sergio will be charged by many offenses. Firstly he should be accused of cyberbullying, harassment, infringement of Charlene’s privacy and general threats that are illegal before the courts of law. The rationale for these charges is that Sergio stalked Charlene, discovered that she has a daughter and a car, and thus further went ahead to issue obscene and uncouth threatens of causing rape to influence Charlene to sell the 1966 mustang convertible.




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