Interprofessional Relationships in Healthcare Practice

Interprofessional Relationships in Healthcare Practice

In healthcare practice, interprofessional relationships have played a significant role in advocating for collaborative healthcare. Moreover, high-quality healthcare services are mostly achieved in the health facilities where there exists an interprofessional relationship amongst the nursing practitioners. In a health system, an interprofessional relationship exists when two or more health practitioners act interdependently with a common goal of encouraging honesty in any discussions and ensuring that all the problems with the health facility are solved amicably. Interprofessional relationships ensure collaboration in many ways. Firstly, health practitioners with an interprofessional connection provide open communication within their activities. Open communication is very vital in the development of an interprofessional collaborative practice within a health care system. Moreover, the interprofessional relationship clearly defines, and the roles and tasks that the members have collaborative practice should undertake. This norm ensures that there exists no conflicts with the working system or avoid repetition of tasks. Besides, the interprofessional relationship provides that the decision-making procedures are well outlined and known by every member of the team.

Impact of Interprofessional Relationships on Patient Outcomes and Organizational Initiatives

Collaboration within the healthcare system has been tipped as the best strategy to implement some of the healthcare reforms. In addition, it has helped in improving the patient outcomes such as reducing mortality rates, prevention of adverse drug effects and the optimization of the medicinal dosages. Besides, most organizations have derived benefits from such a relationship as collaborative practice in healthcare has helped reduce organizational workload and thus leading to an increase in job satisfaction and timely service delivery to the benefit of the healthcare patients. There has also been a collective leadership in healthcare with every health practitioner being actively involved in all the health processes aimed at ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery. Therefore, pressure has been taken off from one individual and dispersed equally among the team members of the organization.

Forming an Interprofessional Team

In most instances, getting most of the health practitioners together has proved to be difficult. This is because ensuring that all the team members get past their various conflicts, daily duties and even open communication problems so that they all come together to attain a common team’s goals has always been a challenge to most team leaders. Therefore, to form an interprofessional team, various factors need to be considered to help in preventing future conflicts and thus leading to the collapse of the team. First, one needs to have criteria that will be best used in selecting members of the team through a free, fair and transparent manner. The members should be able to understand their roles towards achieving the group’s goals and also offer contributions in case needed. The teams can be formed depending on the specialization within the facility. Example, nurses in charge of patient examination might create a group with one member being the team leader.

Collaborating with other Advanced Registered Nurses

For advanced registered nurse practitioners to collaborate effectively, they need to adhere to the core competencies of collaboration. Firstly, they need to work with an individual having a different profession to share ideas and values. Secondly, they need to tap the knowledge of other professions to help them address the healthcare patient’s needs. Thirdly, they should embrace interprofessional communication by communicating with various healthcare stakeholders to help improve the health sector. Lastly, advanced registered nurses should embrace teamwork and apply values that promote relationship-building to ensure efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services.

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