Interview Activity

I chose to interview Marcus Linn for my healthcare interview assignment. Linn is the vascular nurse for the Department of Surgery Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming, Minnesota.I introduced myself letting him know that I am a student at the Normandale Community College with an interview for my class assignment. Besides, Iinformed him that I wanted to interview him on issues related to the Affordable Care Act and the Healthcare Reform Law. Although he has a busy schedule, Linn found some time for the interview. I interviewed Linn at his office in the hospital.

First, I asked Marcus how the Health Reform bill was going to impact his role in the hospital. Marcus believes that the health reform bill will increase the number of patients seeking health care services in the hospital. The law makes healthcare cheap for persons above 65 years in age with or without a disability. The bill also makes it difficult for individuals without an insurance cover. Marcus claimed that he sees at least one Medicare or Medicaid patient in a day. The elderly dominate the patient population in the hospital. He agreed that the hospital accommodates the needs of Medicare and Medicaid patients. The hospital has a wing for individuals above 65 years which houses the Medicare and Medicaid patients. Therefore, the hospital has a high number of older patients.

Marcus also responded to the question about health insurance. About 50% of the patients he sees do not have health insurance. Therefore, it is difficult to treat such patients since raising money to clear hospital bills is a challenge. Marcus however, indicated that it is difficult to know who has or does not have health insurance when making appointments or seeing the patients. The knowledge about their insurance comes up when the patients are making their payments. He believes that more people having health insurance will increase the quality of services offered by the facility. The patients will receive quality services since they can afford the healthcare costs.

Marcus also believes that patient loads in the hospital will increase due to the reform law. The health reform bill reduces the cost of treatment for patients with low income or no income. Therefore, the individuals who could not afford to pay for their hospital bills will now have the chance to get treatment. However, the load may lead to a reduction in the quality of services offered. Since there are no changes in hospital staffing, the quality of the services may depreciate. Linn believes the demographics of the patients will change. For instance, the number of patients above 65 years is likely to increase since they can access health care services at little costs. Similarly, the number of younger unemployed individuals may rise. The health insurance covers a significant portion of the patients’ medical expenses and for some cases the whole medical cost.

In summary, Marcus Linn, a senior nurse at the Fairview Lakes Medical Center believes that the health reform bill will change the face of health care services in the hospital and the number of patients seeking services at the facility. He believes that the legislation will lead to an increase in the number of patients including Medicare and Medicaid patients. During the interview, the number of patients with health insurance was low. However, the services in the institution may depreciate due to a high patient population and a reduced number of health care professionals.



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